The Best Bathtubs for Babies in 2016!

What makes the best bathtubs for babies? Is it comfort? Size? Safety features?

We’ve checked out the very best bathtubs from 2015 and this year so you can choose the best bathtub for you and your baby.

Primo Euro Bath

Eurobath, one of the best bathtubs for babies

Simple, straight forward, and highly practical. The Euro Bathtub is cleverly designed to allow your baby to be seated in comfort, whilst in the prime bathing position. It is also one of the largest baths available, measuring 36″x21″x10″.

  • Easy to clean and large in size
  • For ages 0 – 24 months
  • Made in USA

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First Years Comfort Deluxe

First Years Bath
First Years Bath

Security, comfort, and convenience. The mesh sling is the unique feature of this design, which includes a padded headrest for added comfort and support. It can also be adjusted in height as your baby grows, and it has mildew resistant pads.

For newborns to toddlers.

  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • High Quality
  • American Red Cross licensed product

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Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Baby Bathtub
Baby Bathtub

Your baby is sure to have a whale of a good time in this little bathtub. A ‘baby stopper’ will prevent your baby from sliding into the water, and when she’s a toddler you can remove it for a deeper bath with a non slip surface. This is a great bath center.

  • Adaptable tub with fun whale design for a relaxing bath experience
  • Fits over double sinks or inside traditional bath tubs
  • Contoured insert for safe infant use
  • Soft-grip, non-slip foam surface keeps your baby in place and comfortable

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Angelcare Bath Support

Angelcare Bath
Angelcare Bath
A unique looking bath, but claimed to be the new way to wash and bathe your baby. It is designed with comfort and safety as the primary concern, which ensures an easy to rinse bathing process. So your baby won’t be sitting in a pool of still water, this bath focuses on using a clean and constant water supply for the whole washing and rinsing process.
  • Super clean and resistant to mildew
  • Water drains easily
  • Ergonomic Design – Ergonomically designed for your baby’s comfort and safety – uses soft touch material to be gentle on your baby’s skin
  • Can be stored by hanging on a wall

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Munchkin White Inflatable Duck Tub

Inflatable Duck Bath
Inflatable Duck Bath

Not only is this bathtub great fun in its design, it is also very safe. With its white-hot dot technology you can be sure when the water is too hot (or blue when it’s just right). A contoured headrest and fully padded base give it total, ducky comfort!

  • Safety disc indicating when water temperature is unsafe
  • Padded for comfort
  • Textured bottom so baby won’t slip
  • Ideal for babies between 6 to 24 months

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