6 New and Innovative Baby Care Products for 2016

I’m thrilled that Pregnant Chicken attended the ABC Kids Expo this year, taking the hard work out of researching these new baby care products for all of us young moms. I’ll let you scroll through Amy Morrison’s post for her (hysterical) commentary and the full list, but here is my CliffsNotes version:

EZPZ Happy Mat

This is a brilliant innovation I need to have ASAP. It is a silicone mat with the bowl and plate built right in so it can’t be flipped over or thrown on the ground. I love this because, let’s get real, no suction-cup plate or bowl ever actually stays on the table. In fact, I find them to be worse because the child has to use more force to remove them, meaning there is more of a catapult-type food projection that happens as a result.

These are already . I may or may not be buying 10.

4Moms High Chair

4Moms Magnetic High Chair
4Moms Magnetic High Chair

Piggybacking off the easy eating theme are these awesome high chairs that retail for $300 each. Yes, $300. I love Pregnant Chicken’s quote, “as with all 4Moms stuff, you’re going have parents that say ‘how much? Are you high?’ and others that say, ‘brilliant. I want two.’” Precisely.

With my daughter being almost 11 months old, I may consider purchasing one of these when they become available. The trays are magnetic, meaning stainless steel items will stick, and I am drawn to the seating surface that appears easy to clean.

GB Pocket Stroller

How do they do that? This stroller has set the world record for most compact stroller, measuring at 12”x14”x7”. Yeah.

Not only that, it is easy to fold down. You can use the “everyday fold” when you don’t need to squeeze it into a tight space such as an airplane or under a seat, or you can simply adjust the back wheels before folding for the crazy-small size.

While the lady in the demo talks about traveling as the top reason to use this small stroller, I may be checking this thing out for when I take my kids to sporting events. It will sell somewhere in the mid $200 range in the spring of 2016. I may or may not have already signed up to be notified when it’s available.


The Owlet
The Owlet

I have never used a product to monitor baby’s heart rate or breathing overnight, but I find this Owlet product awesome. The little sock fits onto baby’s foot and then monitors oxygen levels and heart rate through an alarm. If either stops, an alarm sounds. The product is $250, but for anyone with an infant, this could really put your mind at ease.

Bridge the Bump

Bridge the Bump
Bridge the Bump

Another brilliant product I am almost disappointed I don’t have a reason to use. For pregnant women in their third trimester or moms who babywear during cold winter months, this Bridge the Bump coat extender will allow you to continue wearing your regular coat while keeping you and your baby (in utero or out) warm. Take it from someone who had a baby in December and didn’t buy a maternity coat: not being able to zip up your coat in sub-zero weather is not pleasant. This product is $110.

Lotus Yoga Bra

Lotus Yoga Bra
Cake Lingerie

Perhaps I would be in better shape had I known about Cake Lingerie’s line of nursing and pumping sports bras prior to now. The Lotus Yoga Bra is designed for mothers who use a breast pump. It has slits in the white portion of the bra to allow for the pump parts to stay in place. The bra will sell for around $50, which is affordable for any lingerie.

These items are awesome, but there are more reviewed by Amy Morrison on her website, Pregnant Chicken. You will also get to read her hysterical commentary.

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