Baby Bullet Steamer Review

A Baby Bullet Steamer Review

If you are a new parent, then you have heard people around you talk about . And our best bet is that you will start talking about it, too.

How to give your little one only the freshest of purees, rich in nutrients and with no additives? You make them at home. Some people might ask why not go with store-bought baby food. Well, while this is an option for situations in which you do not have the time to make the food yourself, they are still packed with substances designed to give them a long shelf life.

Then why use one dedicated product when you can puree food yourself the old-fashioned way? This you will find out in the rest of the review.

Criteria for a Great Steamer

Baby Bullet Steamer

The best things a baby food steamer can give you is time and the guarantee you are giving your baby healthy food. Some parents take on the challenge and start boiling vegetables to puree them, but they lose sight of how things are really like once the baby arrives. There is no time to do everything since you will always want your baby’s food to be fresh. This could easily take up all day, and you know you will not have this kind of time.

A baby food steamer is fast, preserve nutrients and food texture. Once the food is steamed, pureeing is easily done, without another blender or juicer needed. Also, a good product is easy to clean, has a good capacity, yet is space efficient, and it comes with other functions. Quite a lot to ask for from a baby food steamer, right?

Baby Bullet Overview

is a product meant to work alongside , both manufactured by the NutriBullet brand. Basically, you can use the steamer to soften and sterilize the vegetables before adding them to the blender, whose motor is not that powerful. The product steams foods in half the time a traditional steamer would. And this is always a good deal for new parents.

It is also suitable for defrosting and sterilizing pacifiers, teething toys, and bottle accessories. The defrost function comes in handy when you have prepared some puree servings in advance, and you need them fast. This is better than waiting for them to thaw by themselves and healthier for Baby than other means of defrosting food.

The steamer comes with:

  • A large capacity lid
  • 5-easy settings and an indicator to let you know when the food is done
  • Cooking tray
  • Defrosting trays
  • Egg-cooking tray
  • Sterilizing tray
  • Measuring cup


Baby Bullet Steamer with Carrots Inside

As far as positive reviews are concerned, most people seem to think that the product performs according to expectations. It works fast, and the food comes out just right. They find it to be easy to clean, convenient, and cute. A lot of people who initially thought of steaming their food themselves have been won over by the ease of usage and the performance of the product.

The Baby Bullet Steamer comes with instructions and advice on how to steam various types of vegetables. Also, as far as its optional features for defrosting and sterilizing go, these two come in handy for any new parent, especially since it performs these tasks as easy as steaming.


The Baby Bullet Steamer is small. So, while it does not take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter, it does not prepare large batches of food either. It is right for use when you have a small baby, but not when you have two or when you must prepare food for a bigger child. Also, back to back, if you insist on using it more often, then you will end up losing time to cleaning the product between batches.

So much for the time gained by fast steaming.

Also, some reviewers have reported products that have leaked inside and have had their electronic parts corroded. This is said to have happened during steaming and not because of placing improperly dried parts back in after cleaning. There are also those who said that the product arrived without an instruction manual, some of the trays or measuring cup. But this depends on the product seller.

The product can be a bit noisy so careful when using it while the baby is asleep. Also, it may not come with instructions on how to steam all types of vegetables.


The product is a reliable product with lots of great uses. Either you get it as an addition to , or you use the Baby Bullet Steamer by itself, it will give you the chance to have full control over what the baby eats and to make sure everything is always fresh and healthy.


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