Reviews of the Top 5 Best Diaper Pails

Let’s be real: diapers are smelly. They’re stinky. They demand nothing but the best diaper pail.

Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail on amazonAs you throw dirty diaper after dirty diaper into the bin, you may soon realize a sour smell wafting. Whether you chose cloth or disposable diapers, the obnoxious odor can create a sickening aroma that will drift through the entire house.

Your newborn infant’s diapers most likely don’t smell rancid. But around month six or later (and beyond), after you begin introducing solids to Baby’s diet, you will quickly notice the foulness their diapers start to exude.

There has to be a way of handling the putrid smells without always running to the outdoor trash bin after every diaper change, right? If you do decide to purchase a diaper pail, choose one of the best diaper pails to make the investment worth it.

Throwing diapers into a regular, everyday trash cans will make your home smell like a giant, smelly diaper. Most trash cans are made of cheap plastic, and once the diaper’s stink has permeated the plastic, there is no removing it even with the strongest bleach.

Here you will discover the most popular and best diaper pails, advantages and disadvantages to each of them, and convenient links to purchase them on


Ubbi’s diaper pail is one of the most recommended diaper pails online and is noted by multiple top sites as the absolute best diaper pail on the market today.
Ubbi Diaper PailAdvantages

  • This diaper pail is one of the only pails that works well with both cloth and disposable diapers.
  • It is made of stainless steel as opposed to plastic, which will absorb smell over the course of time no matter high the plastic it is. This diaper pail is offered in ten different colors, allowing you to match it to anything in your house. It is designed to work with everyday trash bags instead of forcing you to purchase expensive brand refill bags or liners. It holds about three days worth of dirty diapers, which is a perfect number of days.
  • Based on top blogger reviews, this pail received a 9.5/10 score for its ability to contain the dirty diaper smell.
  • Ubbi’s ability to hold the musty smells that diapers collect is AMAZING! The only time you briefly notice that there are dirty diapers in your midst is when you open the lid and change the bag.
  • It comes equipped with a child-proof lock so when your baby becomes a curious toddler, you don’t have to worry about him/her adventuring into the mysterious giant pail that mama says, “No-No” to getting into.


  • This diaper pail has only one main drawback which is that it does not have a foot pedal to open the lid. You use your hand to slide the door open and drop your diaper in.
  • Other than that, the price could be seen as a disadvantage as it is spendy due to the quality of the pail (it is stainless steel, as mentioned). But we believe that with the quality and using regular trash bags as opposed to specific refill bags or liners, the pail is worth the price.

Babycare Mag recommends this pail for highest satisfaction.

Another fantastic and highly recommended Diaper Pail, Dekor, is similar to Ubbi in design.

Dekor Diaper PailAdvantages

  • This diaper pail is offered in multiple colors, enabling you to match it to any furniture in your house.
  • You can use this pail with cloth diapers as well as disposable, but if you are deciding between Dekor and Ubbi for cloth diapers, we recommend Ubbi.
  • This brand sells pail-specific refill bags, but we have found that regular trash bags work just the same and are much easier on the wallet.
  • You can also use your cloth refill bags or cloth pail liners if you use those. However, an advantage to the refill bags is that they are marketed as biodegradable, and 20% of their makeup is recycled materials.
  • This pail also comes equipped with a foot pedal, and you use only one hand to open the trap door.
  • Dekor comes in three different sizes: Class, Plus, and XL. The Plus size is recommended because it is great for the price and fits the perfect amount of dirty diapers; having too big of a pail allows the soiled diapers to sit longer and increases the smell significantly when you take them out to the trash.
  • Similar to the Ubbi, the Dekor is a child- and toddler-proof, equipped with locks for the trap door, lid, and bottom door.
  • Based on top blogger reviews, this pail received an 8.8/10 score for its ability to contain the dirty diaper smell.


  • Possibly seen as a problem, you still have to use one hand in addition to the foot pedal, to open the trap door.

Babycare Mag recommends this pail for satisfaction.

This pail is one of the most common pails purchased, but it is not our most recommended. We don’t think this pail is nearly as useful or as high quality as Ubbi or Dekor.

Genie Elite Diaper PailAdvantages 

  • Very straightforward and easy to use. This is a handsfree pail: you step on the foot pedal, and the lid opens, welcoming your dirty diaper.
  • The price tag on this pail is a lot more welcoming than the Ubbi or Dekor.
  • As with the Dekor, Playtex offers specialized brand refill bags that cost a bit more than your average trash bag, but a secret is that you can use regular trash bags! You simply wrap the top of the garbage bag around the holding ring.
  • The .


  • Simply that the ability to contain the dirty diaper smell isn’t as great as Ubbi or Dekor.
  • Also, there are no locks to keep curious toddlers out.

Also popular and well-known, the Munchkin Arm and Hammer is not ranked as high as Ubbi or Dekor.

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper PailAdvantages

  • This brand makes emptying the bag of used diapers easy.
  • It comes with a baking soda dispenser to assist with odor.
  • This pail is also childproofed.


  • This diaper pail has failed for too many customers in the odorless department.
  • The baking soda dispenser seems like a cool idea, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t work very well.
  • They made special refill bags that are necessary to use for this pail, so there is no buying and using cheap trash can bags.

This pail is not as known or popular, but it does the job of holding dirty diapers.

Safety First Diaper PailAdvantages 

  • This pail is extremely budget friendly, pricing lower than $20.
  • It can be used later as a trash can.
  • You do not need to purchase brand-specific liners or bags and can instead use trash bags.
  • It also has a deodorizer container.
  • This pail is short and petite and holds a good amount of diapers, more than even the Arm and Hammer pail; a great space saver.


  • This diaper pail is not useful with helping tone down the smells of dirty diapers.
  • It is also noisy, which isn’t ideal if you’re using it for a baby who may share a room with a napping sibling.
  • There isn’t a childproof lock to keep curious toddlers from dragging diapers around the room.


Cloth diapers need an even more specialized container for their stinky, soiled selves. The diaper pails that individually wrap and seal diapers to contain odors are no Bueno for cloth diapers because dirty cloth diapers need air to prevent mold growth.

Also, you don’t want to go more than three days without washing your cloth diapers. .


There really is no way around that stainless steel pail. You will also want to purchase 2 cloth diaper pail liners.

Why two? When every third day hits for laundry day, you will want to wash the pail liner that is being used and have a second to stick in the pail. It makes life easier. You can find these on Amazon as well.

Happy diaper pail shopping! Be sure to share this post online and with your mama friends; every parent needs to know the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the best diaper pails.


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