Why You Should Spend Time on a Baby Memory Book!

If you feel like life has hit fast-forward since Baby arrived, a baby memory book can create a metaphorical remote to help you rewind and pause.

In what seems like a blink of an eye, you’ve realized that you’ve woke up to a beautiful morning with your little one only to read them a book and tuck them into bed at night. At times we can forget how magical being a parent truly is, and creating a personalized baby memory book can act as an excellent keepsake for years to come.


The gift of a baby memory book is gaining in popularity. Parents, guardians, grandparents, or any other family member can create or help partake in the making of this unique book. It is also found that these books can act as a multi-purpose gift in which can assist in the preparation of a second child.

Transitioning from a single-child household and growing your family can be complicated and confusing for some children. As your baby develops the ability to read about their development and accomplishments, these memory books can create a larger perspective for an older sibling if they are having trouble understanding their new found “position” in the family.

Through the story told in your first child’s keepsake book, he/she may come to a greater understanding of the attention given to a newly arrived baby brother or sister. These books can also be designed as positive learning tools for an older sibling.

In reviewing their baby memory book with them, you can begin to engage and discuss the importance of the developmental milestones they once reached. Planning activities, crafts, and games based on these milestones can help to promote a more positive family bond and make your children feel needed, encouraged, and successful.

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Baby memory books are designed to provide a collection of memories, milestones, and developmental successes. Where the first year can seem like a fog to some parents, it is best to create a baby memory book around or after your child’s first birthday.

Finding or crafting a special keepsake box, cedar chest, or bureau drawer to designate tangible mementos is an excellent way to store these items for when you are prepared to put your book together. The photographs, certificates, artwork, and other items you save are completely up to you!

It is always a very good idea to include a story of importance (with date) on a note card to attach to any particular object.


  • Photographs
  • Ultrasound Images
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Dried Flowers
  • Deflated Balloons
  • Poems, Cards, and Coins
  • First’s Moments & Milestones
  • Other Documented Moments

You may choose to purchase home scrapbooking kits for your baby’s first-year book, which can help to provide you with the materials you need. Should you decide to create your specialized book from scratch, you may also need materials such as tape, glue, stickers, glitter, rhinestones, etc.

Find a theme that fits your lifestyle and child’s personality to create a feeling of nostalgia to help the audience connect in their particular way.


Finding an appropriate title for your baby memory book is also part of the fun! Where your child’s unique life will inevitably tell a beautiful story, there are many unique ways to title your baby’s individual book.

When considering titles, think to yourself whether or not your book will include a particular time frame, which number child this may be for you, or what types of memories you include in your book.

There are some milestone books for babies that include letters from parents or loved ones, daily or monthly updates, events or songs that may help you in creating the perfect title for your .

all about be scrap bookinside look at all about be scrap bookIdeas for all about be scrap book

 inside look of our little one's first year scarp bookmore of an inside look of our little one's first year scarp book

There are no rules to creating your personalized baby memory book. It should be as unique as your child’s life. You can always provide additional blank pages to continue your child’s life story throughout the years.

Should you find that some of your saved items are not small enough to fit inside your baby’s memory book, you can choose to craft a keepsake box for those special items.


  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Coming-Home Outfit
  • First Stuffed Animal
  • Pair of Shoes
  • Monogrammed Baby Rattle
  • Baby Jewelry
  • Baby Hair Brush

Keepsake boxes are very similar to that of their memory book. Try and keep in mind a similar theme and don’t forget to include special stories, letters, or cards.


Make sure to remember that you are creating a story throughout this process. Don’t forget to choose photographs and physical content in specific time frames that will connect well to tell the story of your child’s first year(s).

Although you don’t want the page to appear with too much text, labeling items or providing mini-stories can help any audience to understand the theme and flow of your child’s book. A letter from a parent is a great way to begin or end the memory book and is highly suggested.

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Your child will not be the only one who will thank you for creating such a work of art. Baby memory books can impact many lives for generations. Today’s world is consumed by social media platforms and digital imagery.

Creating a tangible and visual trip down memory lane for your family can be empowering and comforting. The turn of a page, the emotions put in, and the reactions of your loved ones become a priceless experience.

Reading through your child’s personalized story will lift you up on the worst of days.

“My husband and I get out our girls’ albums and fondly reminisce. Now my daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild and the first gift I gave her was a baby memory book”// www.babysakes.com

As a new parent, it can be easy to forget the long nights, tired eyes, and extremely busy first months. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with unwanted visitors and high self-expectations.

You may have once struggled in finding a new routine that works well for your family. These challenges and obstacles are real and very natural. A memory book helps us not forget the miracle of these lives that we love so dearly.


Children are blessed with this helpless need for our affection that naturally draws our parental instinctive devotion. At times it may even make us feel robotic. By creating a baby memory book, you can relive the memories of those first moments that seem hazy today.

It is the time, thought, and great effort that is put into this completed masterpiece that you will never forget. When creating this book for your child, remember to have fun with it!

Get together with your significant other and reminisce about the incredible journey that has been taken so far. You will find that you are savoring and binding together memories into a gift that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Celebrate the life you have created, and enjoy the process of crafting your baby memory book together – you will be glad you did!


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