Preemie Moms: 6 of the Best Preemie Diapers for Your Baby

If you’re looking for the best preemie diapers, this article is for you. Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby! As a mother of a NICU graduate, the days and nights were extremely long.

It was also a roller coaster of emotions. Even transitioning to outside life after you’ve lived at the hospital for some time is a little stressful yet so rewarding to bring her home finally. It didn’t occur to me at first, but I quickly realized that there isn’t a lot of products catered to preemies and for necessities like diapers, unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of options to choose from. Thankfully, there are a few options that are good quality that is created for preemie babies. Read on to find out more about the best preemie diapers out on the market.

Best Preemie Diapers

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Where Can I Buy Preemie Diapers

Check with your local grocery store, Target or Walmart before you go to save some time. I often times left the store with no diapers because they either didn’t carry the size or they were out of stock.

The next resort if you have no luck with finding diapers locally would be to buy them online. Amazon has preemie diapers at a competitive price, and if you have prime, you can get free one-day shipping. Not only is it convenient, if you’re unable to make the trip to the store, you can also buy however much you would need to supply your little one til she grows.

You can also purchase diapers on or and have it shipped for pick up at your local store. Preemie diapers only come in a pack no more than 30. So, depending on how small your little one is you may need to buy more than a few. There aren’t a lot of preemie diaper brands out on the market. However, Huggies and Pampers are a trusted brand that has successfully created a diaper gentle and comfortable for preemie babies.


Swaddlers is an excellent option for your baby’s needs. Pampers blankie Soft comfort and protection is great for your baby’s sensitive skin and extra absorb channels help to distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection. There’s even a swaddle wetness indicator which tells you when your baby might need a change. It’s no wonder this brand is the #1 choice of hospitals.


Huggies Little Snugglers are specially designed for your little one’s comfort. Features include pocketed-back waistband and GentleAbsorb liner, Huggies can help keep your baby’s delicate skin clean and healthy. With a premium softness and breathability, there is a cut out to let the umbilical cord heal, plus a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time for a diaper change.

Baby, Products, Diaper

Preemie Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are a wonderful option if you’re looking for a completely nonabrasive product for your preemie baby. Reusable cloth diapers are much more comfortable to wear and are normally created to help our environment. Many parents of preemie babies prefer this option because they are natural and overall a snug fit in comparison to the disposable diapers that sometimes create sagging. Cloth diapers are a bit tedious. However, they are the most beneficial when it comes to your baby’s basic needs and not to mention they’re cost effective too. The following are trusted brands who pride themselves on providing the best quality care for their customers.

Top Brands:

Rumparooz New Born Cloth Diaper – Not only is Rumparooz cloth diapers affordable, they’re designed to grow with your baby with 3 adjustable rise settings that fit snug for a preemie baby. The weight range of the covers starts at 4 pounds and can fit up to 15 pounds. It is made with a water-resistant polyester TPU which is low in toxicity and environmentally friendly. They also come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Thirsties Newborn – Unfortunately Thirsties doesn’t have a size catered to preemies. However, many parents found that it’s still an excellent option for your baby to grow into. Created with 8 layers of natural fibers, 2 layers of organic cotton and 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton. This diaper makes cloth diapering convenient and comfortable.

SoftBums – Sofbums diapers are one size fits all but its great for your baby to grow into. These cloth diapers are adjustable from 5 lbs to a toddler. They’re definitely created for long-term usage. These diapers are super soft on the inside and durable on the outside. The best feature is the Patented leak protection technology. Their hidden inner leg gussets hyper -lock each leg blocking any leaking or poop explosions. They come in an array of fun patterns and colors to choose from as well.

Sweet Pea Cloth Diapers – Similar to the other brands, Sweet Pea only fits from 6-12 lbs, but the quality of the fabric is gentle enough for your little one. They created their cloth diaper with a super-soft microfleece interior with a three-layer sewn-in soaker. This helps wick away moisture and gives the baby a stay dry feeling.

Finding the Best Diapers for your Baby

Trying to find the best preemie diapers is truly a matter of trying different brands. This way, you can figure out which works best for you and your baby. Every brand is different but has fantastic features that may or may not work for parents. Overall, we hope this guide will help you find the ideal diapers for your little one.


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