7 Useful Ideas on How to Choose a Stroller

Wondering how to choose a stroller for an infant when there are so many options out there?

Then you are reading the right article. Many parents feel the need to jump right into buying everything and they often expect that the most expensive item will cover all of their possible needs.

Picking the most expensive one is definitely not how to choose a stroller for an infant!

Many strollers are designed for specific types of usage and that they must take a lot of variables into consideration. Hand-me-downs must be chosen with just as much care and attention because there is a possibility your friends or relatives have used the stroller differently than the way it was intended.

How to choose a stroller for an infant

This is actually more difficult than it sounds. You can only imagine how your life is going to be once Baby arrives. This means you can only plan according to your imagination. It is good to try and cover some other aspects preemptively as well. Think about what you want to do and how active you plan on being. Make a realistic analysis of your neighborhood and of the areas you intend to take Baby to. Figuring out how to choose a stroller for an infant depends on much more than just how it looks and how light it feels when you are testing it in the store.

  1. The age of the baby.

In your excitement to get the first stroller you see, you might jump ahead a few phases and purchase one despite the fact that you will not be using it the first few months. When Baby is too small to sit and cannot support his own head, the car seat and a strolling frame will be your best choice. Also, a bassinet looks amazing and it is great for sleeping next to the baby. However, keep in mind that you will only use it for a few months.

  1. The weight of the stroller.

Think ahead to all the times when a single parent will have to manage the baby and the stroller on his/her own. This means that you might have to lift the baby and the stroller or climb a few steps. A good stroller needs to be sturdy yet light. Do not rely on its weight in the showroom. Try moving it around with a good 40-50 lbs. inside to see how well you can handle it. It is easy to hoist around an empty stroller, but things change when you have a baby to carry as well.

It is best to be prepared and up for any challenge. It’s also worth considering babywearing – in a lot of ways, it will make your life so much easier!

  1. Maneuverability.

Once again, a good way to choose your first stroller is to avoid deciding on how a stroller handles in the showroom, on a smooth, polished surface, with no baby inside. You will move it around a bit and be convinced by the whole experience of the store. However, things will change when you are out on the street. Surely, it is not rocket science. It’s just a stroller! But it will make a world of a difference when you will be able to move around quickly.

Maneuverability is not only about wheels. It also depends on how easily the stroller folds and how compact it can get. If you’re an urban parent, look for models you can take with you on subways, trams, trains, etc. Also, make sure it can fit in your trunk.

And be sure to take the baby out of the stroller when folding it! Some models have been recalled on account of finger amputation incidents when the stroller was being folded. Make sure to check the lists of recalled items before choosing a stroller.

  1. Safety first.

“How to choose a stroller for an infant” is also a question of security. The harness and the breaks can save your baby’s life in situations you cannot even imagine. No matter how safe and controllable you think your environment is, having some extra precautions is always the safest way to go. All strollers must have harnesses and parents are advised to use them when their babies are inside. Accidents do happen, despite out best efforts to keep Baby safe. Make sure you can easily fasten and release the harness, as well as its grip on the baby.

Also, check the breaks. It’s not a car, we know that. But you do not want to consider the scenario of a malfunctioning break near a crowded street with passing cars or in the vicinity of water. Always give the stroller a little jiggle to make sure that the breaks hold. Some models’ breaks only seem locked, but can, in fact, be released if the stroller is moved.

  1. Storage room.

You will not only be transporting the baby in the stroller. The diaper bag and all of the other “essentials” will accompany you on every trip. Depending on how much you plan on taking with you on every walk, you will need the storage space. Thinking in advance and going for a model with extra space is a good idea. It may be early to tell whether you will be the kind of parent who packs the entire house when taking the baby out, but it is a good idea to take as many precautions and to think ahead at how to choose a stroller for an infant.

  1. Jogging.

This is actually a very important aspect of how to choose a stroller for an infant. Many parents think that as long as a stroller has wheels, it will be good to push around while they jog and get some exercise. And that any stroller will do. They could not be more wrong.

Jogging strollers are designed specifically for jogging and for absorbing the shock of sudden movements. Our adult bodies do not feel this shock the same way, but their small, developing bodies are very sensitive and they could have severe spine problems in the future. If you plan on jogging with Baby in the stroller, only go for strollers built specifically for jogging.

  1. Terrain.

If you are one of the lucky parents living in the vicinity of a beach or near big parks where you can have “off-road” experiences, then you must look for strollers that can handle different surfaces. In the showroom, you will be testing the stroller on a smooth surface. Be sure to ask if it can also handle some sand, snow, dirt, some bumpy roads. Look at how the wheels move, how big they are, how easily you can climb a small flight of stairs, pull the stroller up a few steps, etc. Finding the perfect stroller means thinking about all the many ways you’ll use it.

Do not hesitate to ask the same questions when you are getting a stroller from someone as a gift or as a hand me down. We are not talking about style and branding, but about your child’s comfort, health, and safety. A malfunctioning harness, weak breaks, or a poor back position can harm your little on. Make sure you find the right stroller and do not be afraid to ask as many questions on how to choose a stroller for an infant.



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