5 of The Best Bouncy Chairs for Babies

In terms of essential baby gear, a bouncy chair is high on the list.

While holding your infant close to you is great for both you and baby, you may need some rest after your first several weeks together. The best bouncy chairs for babies can provide exactly this.

Bouncy seats are designed to be an engaging, comfortable place for your baby while you’re nearby. They have built in toys and other features your baby can enjoy while awake, along with soft coverings and even vibrations to help her sleep.

They also bounce. Not a lot, but most can be rocked or bounced with a little movement from your baby or a nudge from your hand or foot.

The gentle bouncing can help soothe a fussy baby while giving him a way to sit more upright if his problems are due to reflux, gas, or a cold.

5 of the Best Bouncy Chairs for Babies

There are a lot of different bouncy chairs available today with a range of different features and prices. To help you choose the right one for your baby we’ve compiled this list of five of the best bouncy chairs for babies. This way you can easily compare each of the top options and select the right one for you.

Stokke STEPS Bouncer

 Stokke steps one the best bouncy seats for babies
Image courtesy of Stokke.

This is the ultimate on the list of the best bouncy chairs for babies. Although the Stokke Steps Bouncer is one of the more expensive options, it also can attach to the Stokke high chair to make this a multi-purpose bouncy seat.

This bouncy seat also includes a detachable toy holder, easy to clean fabric, and a recliner option so baby can sit more upright to look around when she’s awake or lay back when she’s sleeping.

My Little SnugaBunny

put this on the list of the best bouncy chairs for babies
Image courtesy of Fisher Price

The nest-like design of put this on the list of the best bouncy chairs for babies. It’s larger than many other bouncy chairs and the materials are plush. Many parents have said this bouncy chair was a lifesaver for their restless newborn.

It doesn’t have a lot in the entertainment department so older babies may not spend as much time in it. It’s not as portable as some other options, either.  Also, it doesn’t grow with your baby.

Tiny Love Cozy Rocker/Napper

tiny love one of the best bouncy seats for babies
Image courtesy of Tiny Love

This adorable rocker/napper combo is a unique baby seat. It looks like a bassinet and can offer your baby a calming atmosphere when you put up the shades.

The grows with your baby as well.  In fact, it can be used by babies weighing up to 40 pounds! This is significantly longer than most other options.

The main drawback of this bouncy seat is its price. However, given the fact that you can use it longer than most others the increased longevity and functionality of this bouncy seat more than make up for the price.

Graco DuetConnect Swing and Bouncer

the best baby bouncy seats by Graco
Image courtesy of Graco.

Graco combined two baby gear must-haves: a baby swing and a bouncy seat into one with their . The seat of this swing/bouncer is nice and cozy, making it one of the best bouncy chairs for baby because she’ll actually want to stay in it.

Given the fact that it is a swing and a bouncy seat, it is a bit more expensive than some options. In addition, although it’s fine, it isn’t one of the best swings on the market. So, if you’re really looking for a swing this may not be it. As a bouncy seat, though, it’s one of the best.

Bright Starts Bouncer

best bouncy chairs for babies affordable safari print
Image courtesy of Bright Starts.

The is the one of the most affordable options available. It’s simple, but does it’s job well. It has vibrations like the others and is lightweight so easy to move and transport.

However, the materials could be a bit more plush, and the toys are nothing special. The seat design isn’t as comfortable as some of the others, either. With that said, it’s a solid option, especially if you’re looking for an extra bouncy seat for work, or for grandma’s house.

Now that you know more about what the best bouncy chairs for babies have to offer, you’ll be able to choose the best one for your family easily.


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Featured image source: www.babybouncer.thewholebaby.com

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