Owlet Smart Baby Monitor

The New Monitor That Watches Your Baby While You Sleep

Owlet Baby Monitor
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In the initial parenting years, sleepless nights are not uncommon. I remember the first night we brought our baby home, I stayed up all night watching her on the monitor, I was so worried. There is a sense of fear for new parents, hearing all about all the bad things, as rare as they are, that could happen while your baby is asleep.

Today, we have a new monitor that’s promising to give peace of mind to new parents, and increase the safety of your new children. We take this with a grain of salt, as time will tell how effective they actually are, but it looks very promising.

“The device watches over your infant’s oxygen levels while you sleep, alerting you to problems that may arise in a way that a baby can’t. ” // fitpregnancy.com

It’s the Owlet, and essentially it’s a sock your baby will wear whilst asleep, which in turn monitors her via a smartphone app.

Owlet Baby Monitor
Source: fitpregnancy.com

It is designed to alert parents via their smartphone, when your baby is in distress.

“Owlet has miniaturized the hospital technology of pulse oximetry—the red light they clip on your finger to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation—into a baby booty that your baby wears to bed at night. The sock connects with the base station to alert you if the levels are outside of normal range. The base station can also send alerts to parents’ smartphones and in that dashboard on the app parents can also see the heart rate and oxygen saturation levels,” Milena Adamian, M.D., an investor in Owlet and member of the American College of Cardiology, says.

This is of course to help combat SIDS, with the occurrences of healthy infants passing away in their sleep, although dropping, still being too high. If this device can help prevent these, it’s a major winner. The future will surely see health monitoring become standard, and Owlet believe they will be the market leaders.

At the moment, it will set you back $250, so it’s not cheap. But if it’s effective, it’s a small price to pay.

Check out the videos below for more information!

Owlet Unboxing


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