Why I Love My TwinGo Baby Carrier: A Review

For parents of twins or two babies close in age, real-life reviews on life-saving items like baby carriers for twins will come in handy when deciding what product to buy.

I know this to be true because when we were in search of the perfect carrier to wear both of our babies at once, I did not skimp out on reading reviews before settling on the TwinGo Baby Carrier.

Babywearing is important to us, and we wanted to be able to carry both our babies at the same time. We do not have traditional twins, but what are referred to as “virtual twins.” Two children born within 9 months of one another, siblings not by biology but by adoption. I have friends with “Irish Twins,” biological siblings born within a year of one another. Whatever your situation may be, if you have two children who weigh 70 pounds or less combined, the Twingo Carrier is for you!

The TwinGo Baby Carrier

The TwinGo Carrier is relatively new. Krystal Workman shares on the official TwinGo website what brought her to making these carriers, and she shares something vulnerable I think all moms (maybe even especially moms of multiples?) experience at one time or another:

“I felt beyond overwhelmed as I found myself alone most of the time—my husband worked long hours at a demanding job, we have no family around and very little outside help available. Desperation set in.” (https://twingocarrier.com/pages/about-us) Krystal shares that, “the spirit of TwinGo is deeply rooted in this very moment—experienced moms helping and enabling a new mom.” 

Before we were even trying to get pregnant or adopt, I knew I wanted to be a babywearing mom. I researched the immense benefits of babywearing and saw only good things coming from wearing our children.

When I was 20 weeks pregnant, and we had the opportunity to adopt our firstborn, I knew pretty quickly I was going to need an efficient, ergonomic, and economical carrier that would enable me to wear both of my babies. That was when TwinGo came into my life. There were other options, but TwinGo seemed too good to be true.

Parents using carrier with their babies


The TwinGo carrier works as two separate carriers or as one carrier, connected together. The carrier’s maximum weight limit is 70 pounds combined OR 40 pounds per carrier. The carriers fold up into its own pocket; you can also use this pocket to store diaper bag essentials. These carriers are completely ergonomic and even color-coded, making it very easy!


Ask yourself these questions; if any of them are “yes,” the TwinGo is for you:

  • Do/will I have twins weighing between 7 and 40 pounds?
  • Do I have two young babies close in age weighing between 7 and 40 pounds?
  • Is babywearing meaningful or relevant to me?
  • Do I want to get things done, wearing both of my babies, and be hands-free?
  • Do I want the option of easily breaking my twin-carrier into two carriers?


Depending on which package you purchase, TwinGo will come with different features. We purchased the TwinGo Original model. This came with:


Mom with two babies in a carrier


Don’t worry! It is so much easier than you may think. TwinGo has their official video which you can watch HERE. I, of course, made a fun video too! It really isn’t difficult to put on – I started in my own living room and now do it all of the time. It takes me about 2 minutes. My husband did it by himself using the bed for landing in case someone fell in the attempt to put them on alone: no one got hurt, and he has done it multiple times now!

[youtube id=”” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


Yes! It takes me 30 seconds or less usually. It is incredibly easy. Again, feel free to try this in the comfort of your home the first few times. You will get the hang of it quickly.

[youtube id=”” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]


You can purchase an array of fun accessories:

  • Infant insert
  • Panel Extender
  • Shoulder straps, Mei Tai style
  • Shoulder straps, backpack style
  • Teething pads/strap protection
  • Sleep hood replacement
  • Hood snaps
  • Various custom hood sets (fun and cute!)
  • Fun shirts to celebrate being a strong parent
  • Gift wrapping

Mom carrying two babies in a carrier at the same time


Our favorite thing about our TwinGo Baby Carrier is its literal function: that I can comfortably carry both of my babies at the same time. I cannot get over the ingenuousness of it. Each carrier comes folded up so perfectly in its front pouch; if you find yourself being less lazy than me, you can also store it like that in between wears. It saves room and is easy to pack for traveling.

It’s a favorite thing of mine to wear both of my babies AND have coffee in my hand.

And I absolutely love that we can break the TwinGo into two carriers.

It enables my husband to wear one of our babies when we are all together. I love that it isn’t difficult to make the attachment carrier (the orange/front carrier) into its own separate back pack.

Sometimes my 13 months old wants to walk around while my 8 months old wants to be carried: TwinGo makes this easy! Sometimes both of my babies want to be carried and held all day long: TwinGo makes this possible!

I am thankful that it is not bulky – if I were to wear two other carriers, the bulkiness of the excess strappage would be annoying. I also love that I saved some money; yes it is a little bit expensive, but if you were to buy two ergos or two tulas, you would spend a lot more than purchasing the TwinGo.

The hood flaps (they are removable!) are really nice when it’s sunny, rainy, or if a babe is sleeping. It keeps strangers from touching them, too! The buckles are strong, stable, and have an elastic safety band as a secondary attachment.


I am being honest when: this product is overall amazing and highly recommendable. The only complaint I would share, if pressed to share, would be this: when I wear the attachment piece alone (while my husband may be wearing the base carrier with our other son), the arm/shoulder straps slowly loosen and I feel like I am trying to tighten them frequently. But I wonder if that would be the case with ANY baby carrier used to carry around a 25+ pound baby?
Other than that minor mention, this product fits our needs absolutely perfectly. We have had it for almost a year now, and I cannot recommend it enough.

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