Best Baby Carriers for Twins

Congratulations! You’re having twins. It’s an exciting time that can also be overwhelming. Two babies means two of everything…car seats, a double stroller, baby carriers, you name it!

Having twins makes it even more important to get the amazing benefits of baby wearing – for both momma and babies! When you first welcome your newborns you may start with a softer carrier with more of a snuggly feel rather than one with a framed backpack. As your babies grow older, this may change.

Check out our list of the best baby carriers for twins out there!

Recommended Baby Carriers for Twins

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Best Baby Carriers for Twins

A traditional and easy method of carrying twins is using two ring slings. There are a variety of ring sling options, but we love the Tula.

You can put these baby carriers for twins together faster than you can say momma!

Two ring slings work fantastic for infants. Once your babies grow you can graduate to a soft carrier for twins.

Mom Baby wrapping twinsWith so many different baby wraps on the market, it can be hard to choose just one. We recommend the Boba wrap. Why? Because it is super affordable and is made with amazingly stretchy fabric. This baby carrier allows twin newborns to snuggle up perfectly against your chest. If you’re unsure how to wrap all of that fabric around you and your twins to keep everyone safe, check out one of the many YouTube videos out there.

If you’re still getting lost in all of that fabric, you may want to check out the K’Tan for twins. There’s no wrapping required with this two-pocket design.

But, you can only wear the K’Tan until your babies are up to 10 pounds. So, you may be switching out your baby carriers for twins sooner rather than later.


If your babies have outgrown the wraps but are not quite ready for a harder structured carrier, soft-structured carriers may be the perfect transition.


WEEGO CARRIERThis soft but structured baby carrier was designed for twins from birth until about 6 months when your littles will outgrow it. You can easily slip each baby into their pouch and have them snuggled up against you.

This baby carrier was made to work with preemies, 3 pounds and up, which is unique. It is more expensive than the soft baby carriers and wraps, but it is simple with very little to no learning curve.



MAXIMOM TWIN CARRIERThis Twintrexx was invented by a mother of twins and offers some different options for babies 7 to 25 pounds.

It can be used front to back, side to side or as a single carrier. It has cushioning in all the right places, is easy to take on and off, and comes with pockets on the outside for easy storage.

Besides the original baby carrier for twins, there is also a TwinTrexx 2 available.

Ergo Baby CarrierWhile Ergo does not make a twin carrier, you can still make this work if you’re a fan of Ergo products, which many mommas are.

Just buy two carriers and wear one on the front and one on the back. But, you need to wait until your twins can sit on their own and have good head control in order for this to work.

Another option is to wear a ring sling in the front and one Ergo on your back…whatever works for you as a twins carrier!

Tula carrier Tula is another brand that does not make a twin carrier, but provides options for moms of twins who love their products.

Some moms use two carriers at once because the Tula Carriers are made so perfectly for little bodies. The straps can get a bit bulky, but many moms make it work.

The Tula is not only known for its incredible comfort and function, but has some baby carrier designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Twingo carrier We know moms shouldn’t play favorites, but this is our favorite baby carrier! The Twingo carrier is a double baby backpack. It has a back baby carrier and a front baby carrier, connected together by sturdy buckles. You can separate them very easily. Each backpack carrier has a zipper pocket which is great when you’re on the go.

One of the best things about this baby carrier for twins is that it is designed to hold up to 70 pounds! When broken apart, each carrier can hold 46 pounds. You can also purchase an infant attachment if you want to use this before the babies are 10 pounds.

While the Twingo is on the expensive side, it is cheaper than buying two Ergos or Tulas.

Watch how to put it on.

This baby carrier is a two-fer in that if you buy the conversion kit, you can separate it into two different carriers or use it as one. The double baby carrier is made for babies between 10-35 pounds per child or up to 70 pounds total.

While it can be hard to access while you’re wearing it, this carrier does have a built-in diaper bag, so no more hauling around a diaper bag separately. It also has two insulated bottle holders.

Watch how to put it on.

Let us know your thoughts about the best baby carriers for twins! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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