How to Choose a Safe Sunscreen For Toddlers

Protecting your toddler’s sensitive skin during the summer can be a challenge.

Hats and sun protective clothing are a huge help, but what about sunscreens? How do you choose a safe sunscreen for toddlers?

It is best to keep babies out of the sun during the harshest periods of the day. Chemical-laden sunscreens are not tested on young babies and should be avoided on their sensitive skin.

However, there are times that Baby will need to be out in the sun, like if you are on a trip or having a picnic. Katie Kimball, via Kitchen Stewardship, recommends using natural options with zinc oxide as the active ingredient.

Safe Sunscreen For Toddlers and Infants
sunscreen for babies

“I’m choosing to stick with non-nano, non-coated zinc oxide sunscreens.” ~Katie of Kitchen Stewardship

For Katie’s brand recommendations, visit: Is There a Safe Sunscreen for Infants?

Mama Natural has more recommendations:

Best Natural Sun Screen – Sun Cream I Recommend For Babies, Kids, and Adults

Sun protective clothing:

  • Sun shirts
  • Hats
  • Sun pants

Some chemicals to avoid:

Snip20160701_1 also has a list of mineral-based sunscreens that they recommend for toddlers, so be sure to check that out 7 Safe Sunscreens.

They suggest that mineral-based sunscreens are best for Baby and great for you too! They also recommend zinc oxide as the active ingredient and list some brands that you can look for online or in stores. You want a solution that will stay on top of baby’s skin to create a sun barrier.

Do you have a favorite safe sunscreen for toddlers that your family uses? Share it in the comments!


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