Invidyo World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor Review

When you’re expecting a baby there’s a lot to prepare, whether it’s your first or not. Choosing the best baby items and gadgets can be overwhelming but we have good news!

We’re here today with the World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor by Invidyo. It’s a smartphone-based baby monitor, packed full of high-end features and artificial intelligence for the parents who don’t want to miss anything when they’re not with their baby.

If you’re spending every free minute researching the best baby gear stuff at the best price, then you need to check out Invidyo’s HD baby monitor. It’s packed with excellent features, and it comes at a great price!

What It Includes

Invidyo’s baby monitor basically looks like a ball sitting on a base. There is an on/off button, a thermostat, an ethernet port and a mini USB port on the device. The video monitor also comes with everything you need to securely set it up in baby’s room.

  • USB cable
  • USB power plug
  • Wall screws with anchors
  • Short manual for smartphone app

How It Works

Once you have set up the baby monitor in the desired location, download the Invidyo app. You will need to create an account before you can complete the installation. In the next steps, you will have to connect the monitor to power and a network and scan a QR code. Once all this is done, you get to explore the amazing features of the Invidyo’s baby camera which include

  • 130 degree HD camera
  • Remote pan and tilt function
  • two-way communication
  • Temperature sensor
  • Plays lullabies
  • AI-based smile detection
  • AI-based cry detection
  • Push notifications
  • wired and wireless connection option
  • private photo album

What We Like About Invidyo’s Baby Monitor

Premium Features at an Affordable Price

As mentioned before, the World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor by Invidyo is packed with high-end features. Its 130 degrees HD camera allows you to view the whole room from top to bottom. This is especially helpful when baby is home with a care provider or when you want to use the device as a security camera later on. The high-quality audio enables easy communication through the baby monitor and clear recordings of sound.

Smart Camera Features

The artificial intelligence in this device helps to detect your baby’s cry and smiles too! There’s no need to stay up half the night in fear of missing baby’s crying. Invidyo will send push notification to your phone or tablet whenever baby gets uncomfortable. You can even change the sensor sensitivity from low, medium and high. This is perfect for all the different stages in baby’s life. While you will stay up-to-date on baby’s unhappy moments, Invidyo will save all baby’s smiles to a private photo album which you can access from anywhere.

Thermostat Feature

Yes, this baby monitor also records the temperature in your baby’s room! This is surely one of our favorite features because let’s be honest, how often do parents have to guess why their little bundle of joy is in distress. Thanks to Invidyo, you will no longer have to wonder if baby is hot or cold. You can also set a low and high temperature limit and receive either a push notification or an email whenever those limits are exceeded.

Screenshot from Invidyo App
Screenshot from Invidyo App

Daily Summary Video

With Invidyo’s Baby Monitor there’s no need to spend hours reviewing video footage. You can simply view the daily summary clip in the app or in the web browser. It summarizes the most important events of the day in one short highlight clip. The app will send you a notification whenever the video is ready.

Home Security Monitor Option

A baby monitor is one of the big ticket items on a baby registry. To ease your mind, and wallet, we’re happy to tell you that the World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor by Invidyo can be used as a home security monitor whenever your little one outgrows the baby monitor. That’s why it’s outstanding that the camera offers face recognition and can detect strangers in your house.


A baby monitor is one of the must-buy items for expecting parents. But it’s also a big ticket item. That’s why it’s important to choose the perfect video monitor for you and your family.

The Invidyo World’s Smartest Video Baby Monitor offers many high-end features at an affordable price and can also be used long-term as a home security monitor. Making it an absolutely great buy!

Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know and share your experience with this baby monitor.

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