6 Tips on How to Choose the Best Baby Gates for Your Home

After the time to look for the best baby crib, comes the time to look for the best baby gates. And trust us, not even the most organized of parents manage to get to this phase without panicking about how fast their little one has grown and how unexpected it all is. So, in case you just realized the time has come to start seriously baby proofing your house (we know, they grow up sooooooo fast!), join the group and get all the necessary information of how to start right here.

We will be looking at some of the best baby gate options on the market and we will let you know what model best goes where.

One size fits all? Think again! Here is how to choose the best baby gates

The first thing you notice, when you go shopping for baby safety gates is how many options there are. So, unless you came prepared with a list of all the places you need to seal off, the size of the gap in the wall and a few pointers on what to choose, you’d better do a recon tour, go back home, and come back with the information you need. Otherwise, you might buy something you cannot use or you might try and risk an accident by choosing the wrong thing.

Here is why:

Not all child gates go everywhere

Let’s start with the basics. You will need more than one gate and more than one type of baby gate. As the spaces in your home are different, you will need to stop Baby from moving in and out of a room, climbing up or down the stairs, or simply keep Baby away from certain places.

Also, you will need a sturdy product that can support a baby leaning over it. You don’t know whether your child will do this or not, but it’s best to be sure you already have the right product. Here is how you do that:

1.      Use a freestanding baby gate to create a safe space anywhere

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A freestanding baby gate is great to create a little play pin anywhere around the house. If you have an open space living room, difficult to baby proof entirely or too big to seal off, you are better to restrict your baby from crawling away with this type of gate. This is great to use anywhere and it is especially suited for children who can “take a hint”.

If you have a child who likes to test the limits of the gates and who could push them away, it’s best to reconsider. This type of gates can also be used when you are visiting grandparents or friend with kids.

This option allows you to get creative, as you get to move it around a lot. Also, in order to make everything in your child’s play space extra safe, try using a pool noodle. Just get Baby accustomed to it and make sure he is not in the “biting off” phase, when even a mouthful of pool noodle looks appealing.

2.      Use a pressure mounted baby gate for stronger toddlers

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A pressure mounted baby gate can be put anywhere as it stays in place by exerting pressure on the walls, like a tension rod. This is a great option for toddlers who are more insistent with their gates and who tend to push against them to force access. Also, this is a great gate to use when you rent and you can’t drill holes in the walls.

However, while a pressure mounted gate might be good to seal off rooms and could even be in the running for best baby gate for bottom of stairs. However, under no circumstance will it ever win best baby gate for top of stairs. Although they are designed to stay in place, a more persistent child could end up pushing against the gate at the top of stairs and manage to push it out of place and injure himself in the process.

Try a fixed gate for the top of the stairs, instead.

3.      Get a baby gate with door

You are just going to jump over it anyway, so why not get a simple baby fence, one that is a bit lower, and one you can just climb over every time. Because this is really NOT a good idea. For starters, you will be carrying Baby in your arms most times. Other times, it will be food, toys, stuff you need to move from one end of the house to the other.

Pretty soon, this stepping over business will get tiresome.

Secondly, the reason you should get a baby gate with door is to afford to buy a taller gate. This way you can use it for longer, even as Baby grows. Otherwise, even though you might be in great shape and willing to keep jumping over the fence, so will junior.

.And this beats the purpose of the gate.

4.      Avoid accordion-style baby gates at all costs

They look traditional and sturdy, but they come with a danger the first manufacturers did not take into account. The diamond-shaped gaps are the best invitation for the little one to start testing out some of those climbing skills. They provide good stepping places for their little feet.

Horizontal bars, set no further than 2-3 inches apart, are the solution. They cannot climb them and cannot get their heads stuck between the bars.

5.      Get the baby gate that best fits your interior

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Just because you need to babyproof your home it does not mean that everything has to look mismatched or out of place. There are a few options out there that might just work with your environment. Therefore, you can choose between wooden baby gates and metal baby gates.

If you have both narrow and wider spaces you want to seal off but you do not want to choose different looking models, you can buy the retractable baby gate for all gaps. You can fit them for wide opening as well as small nooks. For banisters, you can even have a baby gate made from the same material and with the same color.

The best baby gates for each home are out there.

You just need to invest some time into it and you can have both the nice home, as well as the baby-safe one.

6.      Don’t forget about the outdoor baby gate

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The interior is not the only one you will need to babyproof. Yet the yard will present some problems. You might not be able to get in every corner and make sure it’s safe for Baby to play.

Therefore, securing an area and placing an outdoor baby gate around it is the best option.

When it comes to making things nice and safe for baby, nothing is too good, too well-researched, or too calculated. And this is why the nicest homes have the best baby gates.




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