How To Go Holiday Shopping With Baby

Ah, the holidays! They can be a fun time with family, but also chaotic and overwhelming. If you have a baby to take along for the ride, even more so. How can you get that holiday shopping done while keeping your baby with you safe and sound?

Holiday Shopping With Baby

Plan It Out

The biggest mistake new parents make when holiday shopping is cramming it all into one day, says Alexandra Blumencranz, owner of “Planning is the key word,” says Blumencranz, “make a list of where to shop and for whom first.” This way you can plan what stores you go to each day. So, if Pottery Barn and Macy’s are in close proximity to one another, get those gifts on the same day. You’ll be able to push baby around less time and run out to your car to store things if needed. Another thing to try says Blumencranz is calling a store ahead of time and ask if they can hold a specific item in stock that you can pick up later. Whatever you do, says Blumencranz, just don’t wait until the night before to do it. ~TheBump

Park As Close As Possible

I always try to park as close to the entrance as possible when I’m at the mall. Many malls also offer valet parking for a small fee, which would be ideal, especially if you’re going to be getting back to your car with a lot of shopping bags. ~DisneyBaby

Stick to Slower Days

Shopping centers, malls, and stores are noticeably less crowded on Monday through Friday during the day. Since many people are at the office, shopping at these times can mean better service and easier manuevering.

That’s what Jill Lewis discovered last year after having a son in mid-September. “Since Chanukah was in early December, he was quite young when I had to do my shopping. I actually found it to be easier because I was on maternity leave and could shop during the weekdays when most people were at work,” Lewis said. ~SheKnows

Choose The Right Carrier

To help you shop hands-free, removable car seats that can be placed in a snap-and-go or a shopping cart are ideal because a lot of newborns will fall asleep on the drive to the mall – and stay asleep while you shop. Other moms prefer using a sling or carrier to hold their newborns. “I found it was too difficult to push a stroller or cart and shop,” says Liz Gumbinner, co-founder of Cool Mom Picks and mother of two. Carrying your baby lets you concentrate on what you need to buy. ~JustTheFactsBaby

Try Shopping Online

Shopping online cuts some financial (and emotional) costs, according to online shopping expert and founder of and, Michelle Madhok. You don’t have to spend money on gas, babysitters, and most of all, shopping online allows more “me” time for moms—no waiting in lines, no fighting for parking space, and no time spent pacifying a fussy baby in public. ~TheBump

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