The Best Reusable Swim Diapers for Baby

If you’re interested in taking Baby swimming at any point in his first few years, it’s time to think about swim diapers!

You have the option of reusable or disposable swim diapers. We recommend finding the best reusable swim diapers you can – in the long run, these save you money, and you’ll be throwing fewer diapers into our landfills.

Babies can go “swimming” as early as you feel ready to take them, as long as you are right there with them, keeping them afloat. It is essential that you have one of the best swim diapers for your baby as you venture into the water because he or she will continue releasing their natural toxins no matter where they are at!

You don’t want to be the parent with a trail of baby’s leftovers following around the pool, now do you? That’s why you need…

The Best Reusable Swim Diapers

baby in a sun protected floating tube

Reusable swim diapers have come a long way since the beginning of their making. Whether you are in a public swimming space or at the lake, you want to be sure you are not only keeping your baby’s excrement inside the diaper but also preventing anything from entering their precious little diapers.

Because there are so many options available, we have compiled a guide for you. In this guide you will read about: using reusable swim diapers, how to clean them, various brands in a review, and a few other important aspects you will want to take into consideration as you shop for the best reusable swim diapers.


There are two various kinds of swim diapers: reusable and disposable. Within those categories, there are plenty of varying types, and though they all look pretty much the same, they aren’t.

It is important that you know the main differences between reusable swim diapers and disposable swim diapers so you can make an educated decision about which type is best for your family and baby.

Reusable Swim Diapers vs. Disposable Swim Diapers

Disposable Swim Diaper CONS

  • Pulled on like underwear – mixing together a wriggly toddler wearing sunscreen and sand at the beach makes for a disaster. Trust us.
  • Changing the diaper all day long. If you’re at the pool for 30 minutes, a disposable swim diaper won’t need to be changed. If you’re spending the entire day at the pool or on the beach, you’re going to need to change that disposable swim diaper over and over again. Talk about a waste of money and diapers! These disposable swim diapers swell and fill up with water just as your regular disposable diaper does – SAGGY! And you know what happens with saggy diapers? They let the lovely little toddler turds slip out.
  • Rashes and chafing are known to arise when sand rubs with the diaper on skin.

Reusable Swim Diaper PROS

  • Velcro or button closures – many reusable swim diapers are closed just like any other diaper your baby or toddler is used to wearing. The velcro doesn’t wear out, and these diapers can be passed down baby to baby because they aren’t worn very often. The pull-up style makes poop-splosions very difficult.
  • Baby can wear this diaper all day until he or she poops! It won’t sag like the disposables. Even if baby poops, you can dump it and wipe it or give it a good rinse to continue wearing. Talk about a money saver!
  • Many mamas have found that their little ones don’t get rashes or chafing from the sand rubbing while using cloth swim diapers.

Happy baby in swim diapers


Using reusable swim diapers on your babies is incredibly easy! You literally:

“Put swim diaper(s) on infant or child. OPTIONAL: Put swim bottoms over the swim diaper. Check swim diaper for soiling every 30-60 minutes. For toddlers, take them on bathroom breaks every 30-60 minutes. Once soiled, change child or infant in a bathroom, away from the pool. Switch to a new swim diaper. Throw away used disposable swim diaper OR clean, reusable swim diaper and store. Wash reusable swim diaper in a washing machine at home.” (2).


It is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that swim diapers on infants and toddlers are required at public swimming facilities. Do swim diapers actually work and do more than regular diapers? Do swim diapers actually prevent leaks? Yes!

Swim diapers prevent bathroom accidents from leaking into the pool water, which significantly decreases the spreading of bacteria. They do not swell up like regular diapers and keep your baby as well as other babies and humans safe from fecal bacteria.


“Swim diapers are generally completely lined with a mesh material. This assists in holding in solid waste in a pool environment.

Regular cloth diaper covers do not have that ability and are not safe for swimming pools. Swim diapers also have firm elastic at the waist and legs; a snug fit is an important feature to look at.

Leg gussets also aid in containing any messes and making the diaper work as intended. Finally, as swim diapers are worn by active toddlers, parents may want to favor designs that have reinforcement on the fastener portion of the reusable swim diapers.

Having a child remove the diaper while swimming can cause the pool to become contaminated and unsanitary.” (3).


Reusable diapers are washable!

  • Change diapers in the bathroom or designated changing area.
  • Report accidents with fecal matter to the pool supervisor so the pool can be flushed with the necessary chemicals.
  • Children are less likely to have solid accidents in the pool than they are liquid accidents.
  • Dispose of any waste by flushing it down the toilet.
  • You can either hand rinse/wash the diaper in a sink or machine wash it in cool or warm water.
  • If you use a machine, set the load to the maximum water level to avoid unsanitary build-up in the machine.
  • Use less than half of the recommended amount of detergent by the manufacturer to prevent residue build-up.
  • Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, and perfumes.
  • Run an extra final rinse.
  • Wash your hands and child’s bottom thoroughly after changing.
  • Air-dry the clean diaper in a shaded area.
  • Placing it in the dryer may melt any synthetic materials.
  • Reusable diapers can be used up to 10 times, or until the fabric starts to break down.

By properly caring for and washing reusable swim diapers, you give your little one multiple days in the water while saving money on replacements! (4).


Each brand varies slightly in the way they size their diapers. Most brands have websites where you can find the brand-specific sizing chart; they size by weight.

Here are two examples of what that will look like, found on the Honest Company and Charlie Banana websites:

size and quantity chart for reusable diapers



Here is a quick overview of our favorite five reusable swim diapers:

Bummis anchors-away

Closure type: Snaps or velcro/hook in a loop.
Fit/Size: one size that fits 10-35 pounds that TRULY fits.
Appearance: very cute, lots of print options!
Cost: $15+
Accepted in all public pools and swim classes. Engineered to hold solids but allow liquids to pass through.
(5 Kelly’s Closet)


Closure type: Pull up.
Fit/Size: they have a sizing chart by weight on their website, and it is true to size.
Appearance: so many cute prints!
Cost: $12 to $14 a diaper, one of the less expensive diapers with amazing quality.

Charlie Banana donates one per cent of all sales to Operation Smile. Accepted in all public pools and swim classes.

Engineered to hold solids but allow liquids to pass through.
(6 Mommy Gearest)

Honest company diapers

Closure type: Adjustable waist with ties, pull up.
Fit/Size: fits as expected.
Appearance: a plethora of cute prints and colors.
Cost: $13+

Accepted in all public pools and swim classes. Engineered to hold solids but allow liquids to pass through.

iplay-snap swim diaper

Closure type: side snaps OR pull ups.
Fit/Size: not as snugly because they can’t be cinched/tightened.
Appearance: adorable print options.
Cost: $7+

Accepted in all public pools and swim classes. Engineered to hold solids but allow liquids to pass through.

Alva Baby - 2 Pack

Closure type: a variety of snap options.
Fit/Size: fits babies starting at 10 pounds on smallest settings and up to about 2 years old.
Appearance: cute prints.
Cost: $14 for 2

Accepted in all public pools and swim classes. Engineered to hold solids but allow liquids to pass through.

Some other brands you may want to check out are carters, kushies, finis, storeofbaby, beau & Belle, and nageuret.

There are so many options available when it comes to reusable swim diapers; we hope this guide helps you discover the perfect fit and the best reusable swim diapers for your family!


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