The Most Popular Baby Floor Mats for Crawling

As your baby begins to get up and move around, creating a safe space for them to play and explore becomes increasingly important.  While you can’t eliminate every hazard, one you can protect her from is your hardwood and tile floors.

Learning to sit up and crawl on hard surfaces like these is no fun!  Even many types of area rugs don’t have a lot of giving when placed on a tile or hardwood floor.  They’re also slippery and can be a hazard in and of themselves.  Baby floor mats for crawling, on the other hand, can be the perfect solution.

Designed to cushion and protect, baby floor play mats are made of a variety of materials including foam and rubber.  Most are then topped with a waterproof, washable cover.  The covers come in colorful patterns and often include mirrors, rattles, and other little toys to stimulate brain development and keep your baby interested and engaged.

Not only that, shielding your floors from your baby is important too.  These play mats serve as a floor protector from accidents, banging toys, food spills, and more that could otherwise damage your beautiful hardwood floors permanently.

With all of these benefits baby floor play mats have become widely used.  Now there are so many options available there’s something for everyone.  So, we created this must-read list of the most popular types of baby floor play mats so you can find the best one to meet the unique needs of you and your baby easily.

Interlocking Baby Floor Mats for Crawling

interlocking baby floor mats for crawling

Some of the most popular and affordable play mats for babies are made of soft, foam interlocking tiles.  These are great because you can make them exactly the right size you need simply by purchasing additional sets.  They’re also lightweight so easily portable.  And, their smooth texture makes crawling easy and safe for your baby.

Some parents do shy away from these types of baby floor play mats because they’re not made with the most natural materials.  However, newer versions are Phthalate and BPA free for a more non-toxic option.

Best Interlocking Baby Floor Mats

Waterproof Foam Play Mats

baby floor mats for crawling with jungle theme

These baby floor mats for crawling are made of a foam interior covered in a waterproof exterior.  They are one continuous piece, like a carpet, and come in a wide range of sizes.  You can even find options that will cover the entire floor of your playroom or nursery.  These types of baby floor play mats are available in a variety of vibrant prints as well so you’re sure to find a floor protector to suit your decor.

One of the drawbacks of this style of play mats is that they aren’t all that portable, especially the larger sizes.  And many have a pretty strong smell upon opening.  But most moms say after a stint outside the smell is gone.

Organic Floor Mats

baby playing on organic baby floor play mats for crawling
Image Courtesy of Baby Bello

For many families, it’s essential that the baby products they choose not only be safe and functional but also as pesticide and pollutant free as possible. Organic floor mats are an excellent option in these situations.

Free of allergens and chemical irritants, organic baby floor mats for crawling are made of eco-friendly materials like plant based foam, natural rubber, and organic cotton.  You can find organic floor mats in an array of styles, sizes, and colors to meet your needs.  Many include natural toys for your baby to enjoy as well.

The one drawback is that organic baby floor play mats are generally more expensive than some of the other styles available.  But, that is understandable give the unique and durable materials they’re made from.

Best Organic Baby Floor Mats

Eco-Friendly Baby Floor Play Mat Tiles

organic baby floor play mat tiles with baby and train
Image courtesy of CorkiMat

If you want an organic floor mat that’s more portable and can be easily customized to your space, then these baby floor play mats are the style for you. They’re still made with organic and non-toxic materials but, instead of being one large play mat, you can enjoy the flexibility of individual square tiles that fasten securely together with the velcro strips on the bottom.

Like the interlocking baby floor mats for crawling mentioned above, you can decide how large or small you’d like your play mat to be.  You can even create configurations that perfectly line your baby room or play area for example.

They’re more portable options as well.  You can easily take a few tiles to work whenever the baby is coming with you to create a safe play space for him there.  They’re great for vacation too.

As you can see there are several popular baby floor mat styles.  The best one for you will depend on the special needs of you and your baby.  Whatever you choose you’ll be glad your precious little one has a safe space to move around in now that she’s ready to begin exploring her world.


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