Beat the Heat: Heat Rash Remedies for Babies

As parents, it is extremely hard to watch our children suffer from any sort of illness or discomfort. This is even more so when they are so small and can’t articulate how they feel or comprehend why they are uncomfortable.

With summer officially upon us, a common yet uncomfortable ailment is heat rash. Most common in hot and humid weather, we will give you some simple heat rash remedies for babies so you can be aware of any signs and any treatments if necessary.

Heat rash also called prickly heat, appears in babies as small red clusters of moist bumps that can resemble pimples and appears on their skin. It’s caused by clogged sweat ducts, which are underdeveloped and smaller in babies, making heat rash more common in babies and toddlers. Meaning, if your baby sweats too much in the heat, or is in too warm of clothing, sweat ducts can become clogged causing sweat to become trapped possibly resulting in heat rash.

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Heat rash is not serious but it is a sure sign that your baby is too hot and you should remove them from the heat and cool them down. Heat rash remedies for babies are fairly simple and heat rash usually goes away on its own in a few days. Your baby may be cranky and have a hard time sleeping, but should be just fine. Be sure to call your doctor if your baby’s heat rash doesn’t go away after a week or is accompanied by a fever.

  • If you notice a rash appearing while your baby is outside, take them to a shady spot and remove their clothes.
  • Apply cool and wet washcloths to the infected areas
  • Give baby a lukewarm bath with a bit if baking soda. Use 2 tsp per gallon of water.
  • Let your baby’s skin air dry rather than using a towel. Don’t rub the skin.
  • Avoid using powder or lotions. Anything extra may cause more irritation by blocking pores.
  • Let your baby practice naked time to avoid any covering or rubbing of skin.
naked baby laying on towel

Following the above heat rash remedies for babies will have your baby feeling much better in no time. Prevent future heat rash by dressing your baby appropriately for the weather, staying indoors when it is really hot, and using an air conditioner or fan in their room while sleeping.

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