A Beginner’s Guide to Tandem Breastfeeding

Five tips to help you feed your newborn, toddler, or twins at the same time.

So you have or about to give birth to baby number two, but your first is still a toddler! But how will you manage to nurse two babies at once? Well, don’t fear, as ‘tandem nursing’ is becoming more and more popular, and of course it is perfectly safe and acceptable to do so. Your toddler won’t drink all your newborn’s milk, as they adjust depending on the demand.

So if you are thinking of doubling up, here are five simple tips to make it just a little bit easier!


Time to get creative.

There are two main positions here, one being the “football hold” and the other being the “cradle position”.

“When latching for the football hold, you bring the baby to your breast and position her so her legs and body are under your arm, with your hand at the base of the head and neck—as if you were holding a football. For the cradle position, you cradle the baby’s head in the bed of your arm with his abdomen against yours, keeping him in line with the rest of his body.” // fitpregnancy.com

Mix and match between the positions, so you can do one cradle and one football, or double cradle, depending on the situation and size of your kids.

With twins, positioning becomes even more important. It is better for your twins to feed them both at the same time. The ideal hold here is the football hold. For twins though, start off with single feeding, giving each one their own undivided attention, before moving on to tandem.

Tandem Breastfeeding
Source: www.fitpregnancy.com

Have an order in mind

If you’ve got a baby and a toddler, feed your baby first as she will have a high nutrient demand, and will get more colostrum this way.

In month 4 to 5 of your pregnancy, you will again produce colostrum, even if you are currently breastfeeding, which is fine for everyone.

If it’s twins you have, feed the one who fed last, first. This is so they get the first serve of milk this time around, and keeps everything in an alternating fashion.

Have Breaks

Being a mother is exhausting enough, then trying to feed two children at once is another chapter all together! Try to sleep when your newborn does, and get your toddler to follow suit. As your toddler won’t need feeding as often as your newborn, see if someone can mind or even bottle feed her while you sleep.

Prepare for critics

Well, mothers get criticised about just about anything and everything now-a-days. Be prepared for more. Possible comments from friends, family or even strangers such as “Aren’t they taking all the food from you? You need to eat more!” and “Why don’t you have your husband just feed them a bottle?” Have your response ready for these times and don’t let them bother you.


Doctors and midwives are still human, and not all of them are always current with the benefits of tandem nursing, so try and find someone for support who is on the same page as you. A breastfeeding expert is particularly helpful for tandem feeding moms, so don’t quit because you just don’t have the support! Find it.

“Finding a support group also helps surround you with people who support your decision. La Leche League is the go-to organization when it comes to support for breastfeeding and a great resource for local groups. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to ask about groups at your hospital.” // fitpregnancy.com

Tandem Nursing
Source: www.happyhippyhomemaker.com



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