Fall Crafts For Babies

Fall is a fun time of the year when the temperature and the natural landscape are changing color. You can create crafts with dry leaves, sticks, and nutshells to decorate your house and amuse your little ones. 

Here are fall-themed crafts that you need to try with your baby, this fall season:


1. Leaf Art

Leaf art is one of the easiest DIY crafts that looks impressive. Pick some drying leaves from your backyard or go on a walk and collect fallen autumn leaves on the way. On a paper or chart of a good size, paste your leaves in a pattern.

You can paste them in a row, circle, or pattern of your choice. Draw cute faces or animal faces on leaves and get them framed. You can hang it in your kid’s room.

DIY Leaf Art hanging on the wall


2. Fingerprint Trees

Fingerprint trees is a fall craft that is going to be memorable, and you’ll want to hold onto it forever to remember how small your baby’s fingers were. To make the fingerprint tree. On paper, paint or draw and color the trunk and branches of a tree. Dip your baby’s finger in some green paint and start adding leaves to the tree.

Stamp to create leaves with different color paints. If your baby moves a lot and gets bored easily, you can wait till the baby falls asleep. When the craft is dry, you can write your baby’s age, date, and some comments on the back.

Baby holding a maple leaf

3. Leaf Monsters

This craft can be done with random dry leaves of different sizes. Paste the different-sized leaves on a paper and with googly eyes, toothpicks and thread create a face. You can create, happy, sad, angry, and shocked little leaf monsters.

baby on the field picking leaves


4.Acorn Handprint Craft

For acorn handprint craft, all you’d need is a brown color poster color or paint of your choice, a pen to write, and paper. Spread the paint on your little one’s hand and stamp it in the middle of the paper. Turn it upside down and draw the cap of an acorn.

You can also write a quote below the acorn handprint. For example; “Just like an acorn, grows into a tree gradually, I’m growing into who I will be!” or “Growing a little every day”

Acorn craft DIY


5. Fall Wreaths

Wreaths look beautiful on your house’s main door and inspire the guests that come over to your house. A fall wreath is itself not too difficult to make, once you have all the supplies and dry leaves and flowers collection. You need to choose flowers that do not lose their shape or color when they get dry.

Practice and try different ways the wreath can come along. When you’re happy with an arrangement, fix it in place using thread. Because you’d want your wreath to last a few months, you’ll also need to bind it properly with craft metal wire.

DIY dry leaves wreath


6. Scarecrow Puppet

Scarecrow puppets are colorful and can be held on a stick. Babies older than 6 months will get attracted to it and would want to hold it. To make a scarecrow puppet, you need an ice-cream stick, colorful paper, and markers, parchment paper, glue, and scissors. On parchment paper, trace the basic body of your scarecrow and cut it out.

Use colored paper to cut out the scarecrow’s outfit. Paste everything together and stick the final scarecrow on an ice cream stick. Let your baby see it. Babies can crumple the scarecrow easily so let them hold it or touch it but be mindful that they can start tearing it or licking it the next minute.

Scarecrow puppet DIY


7. Colorful dream catcher

Babies love color and they love a dream catcher hanging above their crib. So why not make a colorful dream catcher at home. Make small paper origami with colorful paper and attach it to an embroidery hoop with fish wire. And, there you have it, your baby’s new dream catcher.

colorful dream catcher


8. Ombre Leaf Dream Catcher

Who doesn’t like the shape and color of autumn leaves? To create an ombre leaf dream catcher, you have to carefully pick leaves that are the same size but slightly different colors. It is suggested to collect between 12 to 50 leaves. Now arrange them in color moving from light to dark.

On an embroidery hoop, attach them in the correct sequence and watch the ombre effect. It is a seasonal decoration that looks incredible.

Leaf wreath making ideas

9. Pumpkin from Clay

If you have always wanted to have some fun making a pot or toy with clay, this is the one for you. Get some pottery clay and mix it in water. Shape it like a pumpkin and let it air dry. When it’s dry, paint it and let your baby play with it, and crawl towards a colorful toy.

clay pumpkin making ideas


10. Spiders with Ice-cream Sticks

Break or cut ice cream sticks in the middle. Glue 5 or 8 pieces together and paint them black. Stick googly eyes on them to make them look like a spider. This one is a great craft for your little one because they’ll be probably scaring others with their craft spiders.

spider on a stick

11. Bird Feeder

Children of all ages love birds and animals. If you often get visits from birds, make a bird feeder and attract more birds to your house with it. If you don’t have a fancy feeder and don’t want to buy one, you can make a sustainable one at home.

Cut an apple in half. Eat one half and hollow out the other half. Place some millet or bird feed inside the apple and place it where the birds will be able to find it. Birds love fruits as well so they’ll probably eat the apple too.

bird in a clear glass feeder


12. Gratitude Book

Taking pictures of your little one and with your little one is always a priority because you want to remember forever, how tiny and adorable they were. Get an Instax (instant mini camera) and a sketchbook to take your little one’s photos and paste them into the gratitude book. Write your feelings about the day, with each picture, and paste some autumn leaves, flowers, or whichever decorations you like.

You will be able to live through the pages, looking at them in the upcoming years.

baby's journal

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