70 Candy-Free Ideas for Baby’s First Easter Basket

Baby’s first Easter basket definitely shouldn’t include chocolate bunnies or cream-filled eggs, but there are tons of other goodies for baby to enjoy.

Below is a list of 70 fun and festive ideas to make baby’s first Easter extra special. You be the judge of whether or not these products are suitable for your little. Please always ensure that the toys you purchase fall in your baby’s age range, making sure to watch for choking hazards and toxic materials (especially if baby loves putting everything in her mouth!).


  1. Pacifiers
  2. Monogrammed Onesies
  3. Board books: These books are the perfect way to nurture a love of reading in your children. They are made to withstand  tearing.
  4. Bows and ribbons
  5. Storybook bible
  6. Sunblock
  7. Bendy ball
  8. Inflatable pool for the backyard
  9. Legwarmers
  10. Swim diapers
  11. Non-toxic Bubbles
  12. Sippie cups
  13. Baby’s first piggy bank
  14. Rattle
  15. Easter bloomers
  16. Puppets
  17. Fresh food feeders
  18. Rattle
  19. Slinky
  20. Doll
  21. Fisher-Price Sweet Treats Gift Set
  22. Lullaby CD
  23. Stackable locks
  24. Polo shirts
  25. Stacking rings
  26. Training spoons and forks
  27. Umbrella
  28. Rain boots
  29. Closet dividers
  30. Stackable cups
  31. Bottles
  32. Growth chartBath crayons
  33. Travel size toiletries
  34. Brush
  35. Socks
  36. Burp cloths: Burp cloths make a nice addition to a baby’s Easter basket.
  37. Spoon, fork, and plate set: If your child is a picky eater, try  getting them their own dinnerware.
  38. Tutu
  39. Hot Wheels: If your little one likes to make things go fast, why not  get him some Hot Wheels?
  40. Night lights: Night lights are the perfect gift for kids. Make sure to get a red one!
  41. Stickers: Stickers  are an inexpensive and versatile gift for children.
  42. Swim toys
  43. Gowns
  44. Hooded towel
  45. Arm floaties
  46. Play phone
  47. Swimsuit
  48. Kids purses: Give your little girl her first purse this Easter.
  49. Play-Doh
  50. Self-Inking Stamp Sets: These sets will encourage your child’s creativity but you should supervise whenever junior takes them out to play.
  51. Novelty erasers
  52. Snack catchers
  53. Suction cup bowl
  54. Car seat toy
  55. Character Band-Aids: Cartoon character band-aids will definitely make any boo-boo feel all better.
  56. Hair barrettes and bows: Hair accessories can make a great Easter basket addition.
  57. Bow tie and bonnet for Easter Sunday
  58. Swim toys
  59. Pacifier wipes
  60. Reusable food pouch
  61. Jumbo crayons
  62. Bibs
  63. Monthly picture onesie stickers
  64. Stuffed animal
  65. Baby sunglasses
  66. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  67. Toothbrush sanitizer: This is definitely an Easter basket worthy item.
  68. Easter bracelet

Hope your family enjoys baby’s first Easter!

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