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Fun and Adorable Baby Costumes for Halloween

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Baby’s first Halloween is always exciting, but it can be challenging to find just the right costume.

We’re here with some fabulous ideas for baby costumes for Halloween! We gathered some of the cutest and most adorable ones, so whether you want to buy one or make one yourself, hopefully, you’ll find one you like.

Baby costumes for Halloween by age

Babies 0-3 months

If your baby can’t crawl or walk yet, don’t worry! There are endless possibilities since you can wrap them up in just about anything and they will look cute. Just look at that potted plant above!

Are you a football fan? Then this unbelievably cute DIY costume is perfect for you. You just have to find a simple soft football pattern of petal-shaped pieces, make a hole for the face, and add a zipper in the back. To complete the look, find shirts and accessories on Ebay for Mom and Dad and you’ve got a family costume!

Did someone say popcorn? Here’s an adorable DIY costume with no sewing involved. All you need is a white fabric as long as the baby, red fabric for the stripes, a white hat, some popcorn, and a glue gun.

Having a little one also means having a baby carrier when going out for a walk. At  you can find 35 creative ideas for baby costumes for Halloween that incorporate your baby carrier. After all, what’s the point in dressing Baby up if the carrier hides the costume?

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Family Burglar Costume

Babies 3-6 months

When your baby is 3-6 months, she’s still not walking so the baby carrier ideas would fit well. If you don‘t use a baby carrier, here are some other ideas.

The cowardly lion. These cute Wizard of Oz costumes are perfect for the whole family. If your family is bigger than three, there are more characters to choose from! Try Glinda, the Tin Man, the Wizard, or even the wicked witch of the west.

To be or not to be, that is the question. If you don‘t have that much time, or you just aren’t into complicated costumes, here‘s a simple idea. All you need is a skull and two name tags, and you have yourself a Hamlet.

Pokemon is a huge trend right now. For a 3-6-month-old baby, a simple hat and yellow onesie would work just fine. If you can crochet or knit, here are adorable Pokeball and Pikachu hats for your little one. You could also make your baby carrier into a Pokeball as shown in the picture below.

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Pikachu Costume

Babies 6-9 months

When your baby is 6-9 months, sitting up is probably a breeze. This gives you more possibilities when it comes to creative costumes.

Care for some lobster? This lobster costume is almost so cute you could eat him. All you need is a lobster costume for babies, a big pot, aprons, and chef hats.

Orange she sweet? This orange costume is quite comfortable. A box, some balloons, and an orange onesie with matching hat and you’re all set! We recommend that you make the bottom of the box a little sturdier if you plan on walking around with the baby in it.

Under the sea. This fantastic octopus costume is easy if you know how to sew. Just add a couple more legs to your baby‘s tights and stuff them with socks or foam. The baby can both sit and crawl in this, and they will look like a real octopus. Add the hat with felt eyes for an adorable touch.

Click on the link below to buy the

Baby Octopus Costume

Babies 9-12 months

At 9-12 months, babies can usually stand up and maybe even walk on their own. At this point, you want to make sure Baby can move in the costume quickly. Don’t make it too big or too heavy or they won’t have any fun!

Is the pacifier the most important thing for your baby? Why not use it to create this sweet Scuba Diver costume. You need a 12-Oz bottle (spray painted gray), a pacifier strap made of foam, and some diving glasses. Just be sure your baby feels comfortable wearing this before you go out trick or treating.

Pascal, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider make a great family costume. Here you can find exact DIY steps to make this cute Pascal outfit. If your family is bigger, there‘s a bunch of other characters to choose from: Mother Gothel, the Queen and King, and the pub thugs.

The Biggest Looser is still on, right? This costume is a DIY + buy combo that only requires a red shirt, sweatbands for the head and wrists, and the logo from The Biggest Looser cut out in paper and glued on. A plastic donut or any kind of plastic food toy would be a great accessory.

Plus, here are some more fun and adorable costume ideas for your baby:

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Mickey Mouse Costume

Click on the link below to buy the

Baby Chef Costume

Resources for Baby Costumes for Halloween

So whether you want to make a baby costume for Halloween for your precious one yourself or buy one, you should find the perfect one with these tips.

Have fun!

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