A Mom’s Guide to Life with New Dad

So, you’re a new mom living with a new dad? Here are some tips…

Make Time For Two

Your family consists of three now and we know you want to spend every waking minute with your little bundle of joy, but make time for Dad, too. Your partner needs to know that you are still there for him and will love and support him no matter what. Think of ways to let him know he is still an important man in your life.

Be Understanding

It is a hard adjustment for you, but remember that dad is new at this baby thing, too. Work to be patient with each other as you both adjust. Try not to let disagreements escalate. Make time to talk and handle things calmly. Remember that tension can be high when you are both lacking sleep. Compassion for each other can do wonders.

Understand The Work

Sure, you are working all day with baby but maybe the new dad in your life has a full-time job, too. If this is the case, be patient with him when he comes home. It’s great for Dad to spend time with baby, but understand that he may need a few minutes to switch gears after work. Even a short transitional period could help a lot. Then leave baby in Dad’s hands and get your shower or whatever you need.

Trust Him

Your man needs your trust. This is the man you chose to spend your life with, to have a child with. Do you trust him to take care of you and baby? If not, there may be work to do in your relationship. Let Dad you know you trust him and know that he is a great dad.

Most Importantly…

Be thankful and proud! Congrats MOM for being an amazing mom and birthing an amazing baby! May you and your partner grow closer as you embark on this new path in life.


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