Mommy/Daughter Time: Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your Toddler

There is something about the relationship between a mother and daughter. A daughter is a direct reflection of her mother. She either looks like her mother, with the personality and characteristics of her father, or she looks like her father, with the personality and characteristics of her mother. Either way you look at it, it’s a win-win, because a piece of her mother is in her.

From the time your daughter was born, you gave her all your time, caring for her and nurturing her. As she got older, she began to get more and more independent, and as a mother, that can be a little sad. It’s a reality check that your little girl won’t be a little girl forever.

Now she’s a toddler. She’s walking, exploring her surroundings, and learning to do things on her own. You want her to grow up and become an independent and self-sufficient girl, but at the same time, you want to hold on to her baby years a little while longer.

Well, those baby years are long gone, but just because your daughter has hit the next milestone in her life, that doesn’t mean you can’t bond during that time too. You just have to make adjustments to the type of moments that you share with her.

Some of the ways you bonded with her as a baby won’t work with her as a toddler, so you have to do other things to make a connection. When she was a baby, you picked out her clothes. With her being a toddler and discovering her independence, she’ll soon want to start picking out her own clothes. She will still need help from you, of course, but it’s definitely something to brace yourself for. As your toddler goes through self-discovery becoming a big girl, here is a quick look at some ways to spend mommy/daughter time.

Mommy/Daughter Spa Date

Most toddler girls enjoy getting pampered. Why not give her a spa day experience? A spa day experience is very simple, and actually quite inexpensive. It’s simply a manicure and pedicure for yourself and your daughter.

Once you get to the nail salon, she’ll get to pick out her favorite nail polish colors and designs for her feet and her nails. Most nail salons have pedicure chairs small enough for little girls. She’ll be able to sit next to her mom and get the same kind of treatment.

Since she’s already growing up, this mommy/daughter activity will definitely make her feel like a big girl. This will warm your heart because you made it a special day that she will never forget.

Mommy/Daughter Shopping Date

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There’s not one child that doesn’t enjoy going shopping, especially when the shopping is for them. The shopping can be anything from toys, clothes, or simply getting them the cereal or candy they want at the grocery store. Little girls, in particular, love shopping.

You and your daughter can have an indoor or outdoor shopping date. You can take her shopping to get the newest Barbie Dream Home or a new outfit for her American Girl doll. An alternative would be to grab your laptop and indulge in a little online shopping. She’ll be able to find the latest in girls fashion with just a simple click.

Mommy/Daughter Lunch Date

For this particular date, you’re going to skip McDonald’s, because it’s a special date. You don’t need the distractions of the big McDonald’s playpen. This lunch date will solely be dedicated to you and your little one spending quality mommy/daughter time together.

Now that she is a toddler, you’ll have to adjust the conversation from your usual lunch conversations with your girlfriends, to lunch with your toddler. Ask her how she enjoys her preschool…because being a toddler is hard, you know! See what she wants to do for the next mommy/daughter date.

You and your daughter can have lunch, and then enjoy sharing a dessert together. Nothing beats spending time with your daughter. setting aside time to have one-on-one moments with her is something that she’ll not only remember for a lifetime, but you will too.

Mommy/Daughter Craft Date

Crafting is always fun. It not only allows your daughter to express herself, but it also allows you to express yourself as well. It’s probably been quite some time since you’ve crafted, but once you get started, you won’t want the crafting fun to stop!

If you don’t have it already, you’ll want to grab the glitter, scissors, glue, and construction paper to get you started. Those are actually key essentials needed for crafting. This is a mommy/daughter activity that can be done at home too, so it makes it that much more fun. You can even turn it into a pajama party where you wear pajamas all day, snack, and craft!

Share Your Mommy/Daughter Time

Since you’ve had so much fun spending time with your daughter, why not share your mommy/daughter date ideas with other moms through a blog? Talking with other moms allows you not only share your ideas, but you also receive ideas from them too.

The first thing you would need to do is figure out what you want your blog to be about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about your daughter; it’s really customizable to what you want. You can talk about what it’s like to be a mom, sharE recipes, crafting ideas, even reviews on certain products you’ve tried.

Once you’ve figured out what your blog will be about, you’ll then need a domain customizable to you. This means you want a clever domain name that expresses what your blog is about. This can actually be a very simple process.

Once you have that established, you can really express yourself through your blog, highlighting anything from your couponing tips to your favorite crockpot recipe. It’s your blog, so do what you want to do!

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