At What Age Should You Introduce Your Baby to the Pool?

Introducing your baby to swimming can be a fun experience.

Holding baby in the water is great bonding time and can build a lifelong love of swimming. So how soon can you introduce your baby to the pool and how do you do it? Today’s post has the answers.

How Soon?

Dr. Sears recommends signing baby up for swimming lessons no sooner than 6 months of age. But, you can get baby used to water before then. Help baby trust and enjoy the water by taking baths together and gently trickling water over his face. Whenever you’re in water, make sure to monitor Baby closely.

Once Baby is used to the tub, you can graduate him or her to a pool, as long as you hold him, of course.

Exposure to water should be like feeding schedules: small and frequent. Once baby is comfortable with water in the shower and tub, it’s time to graduate from to the pool. ~Dr. Sears,

Baby Center recommends that moms wait 6 weeks after giving birth before entering a pool to ensure that you don’t pick up an infection. But, says that babies can participate from birth onwards.

…your baby can go swimming at any time from birth, although most baby swimming classes start at six weeks. If you’re keen for your baby to be introduced to swimming before he is six weeks old, your partner or someone else can take him to a warm, baby pool. Some private baby swimming classes start as early as four weeks. ~BabyCenter

Now, you know when. Let’s look at the how.

Pool Precautions
  • Choose a heated pool. Babies get cold fast. The water should feel comfortable to you (not cool!).
  • Avoid heavily chlorinated pools. “Baby’s skin, eyes and breathing passages are more sensitive to chlorine than are adults.” (source) Find a pool with ozone-filtered water instead. If you can smell the chlorine, it’s probably too strong for baby.
  • Discourage water swallowing. Chlorinated water can be harmful to Baby when swallowed.
  • Hold your baby securely. Hold them underneath the arms so they have to freedom to move without slipping away.

How to Introduce a Baby to Swimming: Safe Entry

It is a good idea to take some classes and let a professional help you introduce the baby to the water.

Conditioning Your Baby How to Teach Your Baby to Swim

Introduce your baby to the pool. It can be a very rewarding experience for all involved. Just take it slow, practice, and enjoy. Always remember safety first.


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