How to Introduce Your Baby to Swimming

Are you ready to introduce your baby to the pool?

It’s a wonderful idea to introduce your baby to swimming early on. Playing in the water is great family fun. It can also provide therapeutic benefits.

However, before you just jump into the pool with Baby you need to take a few precautions:

  • The water must be warm enough for Baby.
  • Overexposure to pool chemicals is bad for Baby. Avoid indoor, chlorinated pools and opt for ozone-filtered water.
  • If Baby seems at all under the weather, with a cold, temperature, or strange fussiness, don’t go swimming.

Now, how to introduce your baby to swimming!

Teach Splashing

Splashing hands can be fun for Baby and will help her learn that it’s ok if water splashes on her face. It’s an easy way to get Baby adjusted to the feeling of the water.

Use Baby Floats

Using specialized baby floats helps baby stay upright while you allow baby to float on his or her own, with you close by of course.

Professional Instruction

Another way to introduce your baby to swimming is with a professional baby aquatics lesson. A trained instructor can help you teach your baby to swim, and can teach you how to work with Baby in the water on your own.


Aquamovement classes are a bit different than  survival water lessons. Aquamovement is a nurturing experience that combines movement and relaxation techniques. The water is a therapeutic place for baby and parents to relax and bond. You can watch the video and try it on your own or find a similar class in your area.

Be sure to monitor Baby at all times for safety and enjoy the time together!


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