A Dad’s Guide to Life with New Mom


So you’re a new dad dealing with your partner as a new mom? It can be scary in the adjustment period. Here’s some things to remember…

She Still Wants to Feel Sexy

She may not be making the effort she used to with those late night feedings and post pregnancy body, but she still wants to feel sexy. Help her with this in gentle, not judgmental ways. Tell her she is beautiful. Give her compliments that you actually mean. Trust us, she will be able to tell if you are not sincere.

Make Time for Your Wife

The new baby will take loads of time and spending time caring for your newborn is super important, but don’t forget your wife. Make her feel important and special in any way you can.

Make your relationship with your mate a priority. Many experts suggest that you and your partner spend some time together — just the two of you — every week or so. ~WebMD

Remember that mom is new at this, too, and it is hard for her just like it is hard for you.

Be Patient with New Mom and Yourself

Know that your wife still loves you. Try to remember and understand that when she is tired and cranky. Her body and routine have been through some trauma. Neither of you are going to be perfect, so be patient with yourself too. Know that you will both adjust and regain your composure in time.

Be Predictable

Enough is changing for you and the new mom in your life. She needs to know that she can count on you. This means coming home to relieve her from the baby when you can and when you said you would. A strict routine can help you keep your sanity, but once a week or so spice things up by taking your new mom out. See numbers 1 and 2!

Get Excited

Be enthused about holding and taking care of your new baby. This will make you feel better and happier, plus make your partner more inclined to leave baby with you to take a shower or prepare a meal. It is hard for new moms to not want to spend every second with baby, but if you are enthused she will be more likely to take better care of you and herself.

Most Importantly…

Be thankful and proud! Congrats DAD for being an amazing man on a new adventure. May you and your partner grow closer as you embark on this new path in life.


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