Do’s and Don’ts of who can kiss your Baby!

Important Information Regarding Baby Health

Last week we heard about the shocking story of a mom in the U.K. who said her newborn baby could have died from simply from getting a kiss from a hospital visitor following her birth.

Claire Henderson
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Claire Henderson

In short, Claire Henderson’s daughter, Brooke, contracted the herpes simplex (HSV-1) virus after being kissed  by a visitor who was unknowingly had a cold sore. The result was an outbreak on little Brooke’s face, which prompted Claire to rush her to the hospital.
Brooke Henderson - Herpes Infected Baby

Brooke Henderson with the physical effects of the virus in full swing 

“If she had been left it could have easily spread and — worst case — been fatal”

Henderson said. So this begs the question of when it is safe for people to come into ‘lips to skin’ contact with your baby, and how to stop unknowing visitors from sneaking in an innocent peck to your newborn child. I recently went through this experience with my first born daughter, so I understand the perils of what can be an awkward situation, in dealing with unknowing visitors and particularly, family members.

So, what are the guidelines? 

There are mixed reactions among the communities out there. Many people say with all the germs in the world, a little kiss form a family member is the least of my concerns. Others say “there is no way I’d let anyone kiss my baby, who know’s where those lips have been!” It’s your baby and it’s your decision, but as we’ve seen above with Brooke, sometimes it’s better to err on the side of caution and cleanliness. The experts say that in reality, your baby will be able to cope with the majority of germs our there, and of course, exposure to germs (within reason, of course) will boost and strengthen your baby’s immune system, setting them up for a more prepared future. However, passing a baby around a party for hugs and kisses in the middle of flu season, is probably not the best idea.

In the first few days of birth, the only person that should be kissing your baby is mommy and daddy, and perhaps very close family members. Your baby’s immune system is low, and your baby is weak. Let her get some strength before exposing her to potential hazards. After a month, she should be far stronger and more able to handle kisses from immediate and extended family. Personally, kisses from friends albeit close, is a no go, however in my research I did find plenty of new parents shocked at how many non family members were so ready to launch kisses on their bundle of joy! There is no simple answer to fending off unwanted kisses, other than telling them outright –

“No baby kisses just yet, doctor’s orders!”

As a father of a little girl, I can say that I will be fending off anyone who tries to kiss my little girl, particularly when she’s a teenager and the boys come a knockin’! I’ll be sending them a packin’!



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