Baby Sleep Music: Make Lullabies a Part of Your Baby’s Routine

Baby sleep music is a simple and effective way to relax your little one for a good night’s rest. Keeping in mind that mom needs sleep too, the perfect song for your baby may be the key to you getting those extra zzz’s as well. If you’re unsure of where to start, keep reading.

Baby Sleep Music

Why are Lullabies So Effective?

For at least 4,000 years, lullabies have been used by parents to soothe their children to sleep. According to BBC News, the triple meter gives the song a rocking or swaying rhythm, closely matching the movements the fetus experienced while in the womb. This soothing method also does more than help sleep.

Baby sleep music has been proven to lower stress levels as well as facilitate better sleeping patterns. Hearing soft rhythmic music brings a sense of calmness and security to infants. It also helps encourage memories, speech development and cooing when the caregiver sings a lullaby to the baby.

Keep in mind the womb was a muted environment for the first nine months of their lives. Since infants are growing accustomed to the noises that surround them, they can be easily woken by any little sounds and disturbances. Lullaby songs can act as noise canceling to keep them peacefully and soundly asleep. Overall, it’s a great bonding and unique experience to share with your child as they grow and learn.

Baby Lullaby Music

There are so many different types of soothing baby music. It honestly just depends on what your baby may enjoy the most. You can try searching on YouTube or on iTunes to find popular music. Classics like Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms are an excellent option for bedtime music.

When I first started using music to wind my baby down for sleep, I always looked for songs that had a gentle and slow sound perfect for lulling. Here are some of my daughter’s favorites that help her with nap time and bedtime.

Music to Put Baby to Sleep





Baby lullaby music is nothing short of amazing. It’s a universal language for mothers, fathers, and caregivers who want to create a calming, loving and warm environment for their babies. More importantly, it’s a great bonding experience that we could all cherish for a lifetime. With all the benefits music has to offer, bedtime music just may be what your baby needs for a good nights rest.


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