7+ Surprisingly Fun And Easy Play Activities for Baby

Are you looking for activities to keep your baby happy, occupied, and engaged?

Then, today’s post is for you! It does not take much to keep Baby happy. Check out these play activities for Baby and be sure to bookmark this post for any time you need an idea.

*Always supervise baby for safety during activities.

1. Tummy Time With The Boppy Pillow

Put that boppy pillow to good use and prop baby up so he or she can engage in many fun activities. One great idea via Can Do Kiddo: floating a bath toy in a pan of water. Just be sure to monitor and make sure the baby does not get his face in the water.

Play activtities

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2. Balloon Kicking

This idea comes via Laughing Kids Learn. Great if you have a helium balloon around the house. Tie the balloon loosely around baby’s leg and let her kick away.

play activities for baby

3. Tissue Box Play

Use an empty tissue box and give baby items he or she can put in the box and pull out. You can use anything from scarves to milk bottle lids. Just be sure the baby doesn’t swallow whatever you choose. Idea via Learn With Play At Home.

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4. Edible Finger Paints

This one is a bit messy, but you can allow baby to paint nude so you don’t get any on clothes and you can put down a tarp or do it outside. Visit i Heart Arts n Crafts for details.

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5. Spider’s Web Discovery Basket

The Train Driver’s Wife created this fun discovery basket with a laundry bin, string, and some stuffed animals.

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6. Pom Pom Drop

A paper towel tube becomes a fun coordination challenge for the baby. It also helps build fine motor skills; via Laughing Kids Learn.

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7. Sensory Bags

A mess-free way for Baby to feel and explore. Growing a Jeweled Rose has a variety of ideas. Be sure to tape the bag shut!

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Have any fun play activities for Baby to share? Leave it in the comments! 


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