6 Parenting Trends to Look Forward to in 2016

A new survey is out, describing the soon to be embraced trends of 2016!

One of the world’s leading childcare sits, Care.com, has used their knowledge and experience in the world of childcare to help predict what parents will be focusing on in 2016.

“We are beginning to see parents—especially millennial parents—make fundamental shifts in their approach to raising children. With more dual-income households, greater access to technology, and shifts in parental roles, family dynamics are changing and giving rise to some exciting, and positive parenting trends.” // Katie Bugbee, parenting expert at Care.com via parents.com

So here are six things you’ll likely be doing in 2016:

1. No More Helicoptering

“A helicopter parent is a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child’s or children’s experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions.” // wikipedia

Source: baysidejournal.com

And a swing to friend-parenting. Parents will likely be more laid back in controlling the lives and schedules of their kids. Kids will hopefully get a little more space to be themselves.

2. Embodying Enlightenment

Well, the world is changing rapidly whether we like it or not. Things such as being transgender is becoming more commonplace and not a big deal as it once was. Parents will be more likely to embrace diversity.

3. Expecting More From Babysitters

Mary Poppins
Source: thefix.com

As with the trend, the girl across the street is not likely to be the ideal candidate for our childcare selections. Parents are becoming more and more scrutinizing when it comes to caregivers, finding those who really know their stuff. Last year there was a 25 percent spike in job posts for nannies with a college degree.

4. Creating New Baby Names

Modern day parents are becoming more and more adventurous when it comes to naming their children. The trend is seeing parents increasingly creating hybrid baby names out of at least two other names that they love.

For example, Amily + Ava = Avily. Also, girls are being named after their moms, as once was popular where sons were named after their dads (or grandpas).

5. Downsizing Parenting

In 2016, the survey indicates that parents will ease off on the idea that they can handle it all. Outsourcing is making a play, and family members and external caregivers will step in to help with day to day tasks.

6. Hiring More Than One Nanny

With many families now having two full-time parents, it will become more common to see a family hire multiple caregivers to help them get through the working week.

Which of these parenting trends do you see yourself adopting in 2016? // parents.com


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