4 Reasons You Should Use Cloth Diapers

When we began pursuing the growth of our family via adoption, we did not envision using cloth diapers.

Our friend was pregnant at the time with her first baby and she was building her cloth diaper closet when I decided to brave the question: could I do cloth diapering? It seems so difficult, smelly, expensive, confusing, and even weird.

But then my friend started telling me about her cloth diapering adventure, and how she was saving gobs of money while learning about all of the various options. “It’s easy!” she stated, and I believed her because she is the honest-no-nonsense type.

There are many reasons to use cloth diapers, but there are four specific reasons that snagged our attention and led us to decide to use cloth!

1. You save an enormous amount of money.
Anywhere from $1,000 to multiple thousands of dollars. This is quite possibly the number one reason we chose the cloth route. Not only were most of our diapers given to us by friends, but we also purchased some from garage sales or Facebook Cloth Diaper Groups as new or gently used. This saved us even more money.

Even if you buy all of your cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth can liners (for dirty diapers), etc. brand new, you will still save at least $1,000.

Yes, you spend $300-$500 up front, but using disposable diapers and wipes is an ongoing expense that averages $150/month per baby. If you choose to add more babies to your family, you will already have diapers and wipes covered, increasing the amount of total dollars saved.

You save an enormous amount of money.
source: www.thenaturalbabyco.com

2. It’s easier than you think.

One reason I didn’t even think about cloth diapering initially is because I wrote it off as difficult and complex. Baby raising is hard enough as it is – who needs to add in difficult, time-consuming diaper changes? The reality is that the cloth diaper options are far greater and simpler than they were even ten years ago.

We mainly use gDiapers and one-size FuzziBunz – one brand is velcro, the other buttons. See my Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers post to read about the three different types of cloth diapers and which brands I recommend.

3. Re-usable & re-sellable.
Cloth diapering optimizes your wallet. You can choose to re-use them for your next baby, re-gift them to a friend (we had a few friends gift us with the diapers they were done with and that was a HUGE blessing), or you can re-sell them! The gift that keeps on giving!

4. Never worry about running out of diapers…especially at 2 am.
Okay, but seriously? Who wants to run to the store at 2 am for diapers because you forgot to check your stash before you went grocery shopping yesterday? Who knows the nearest store that is open? Not my husband. Not me.

Going for an emergency diaper run at any time ever is no fun, especially with a soiled baby – let’s be real: it is easy to forget things like diapers and wipes when you’re trying to care for a brand new baby and find time to do things like eat.

Cloth diapering was the right decision for us and our two babies; these are the four reasons why. Why is it right for you?


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