4 Reasons Why You Should Have Children After 35

In the US, 1 out 5 children were born to women over 35 years old, with 3 percent of them aged between 35 to 39 from 2012 to 2013. It’s not easier to get pregnant and start raising children after 35, but there are other rewards;

#1 You are wiser

Simply by spending 35 years on the planet makes you more experienced than a 20-something mum.  You will have a broader world view and more life experiences to parent your children properly.

#2 You and your family are more settled

Older mums have the added advantage of parents, aunts and other relatives available to babysit as they are most probably retired. Older cousins also play with your children meaning more time for you at the adult table.

#3 You get to be a kid again

Remember roller-coasters? They are all yours again, and now you have the money to go on as many rides as you want.

#4 You’re happy just being home

Family movies are your idea of a great time. You recognize how fast time flies and peas in your hair are not a life threatening situation.


Of course being a new mum comes with it’s challenges and every so often that overwhelmed feeling will creep in. Can you relate to any of these confessions?

  1. I wish i could open my closet and escape to Narnia
  2. Some days, the fact that i haven’t strangled my family is proof enough of how much i love them
  3. I eat ice cream out of coffee mugs so no one knows and i don’t have to share
  4. Whenever i see the price of bread i get inspired to start baking, then i remember i have a house full of kids and laugh and laugh and buy some bread
  5. Once, my baby was licking something off the floor, but i didn’t have her food ready yet, so i let her keep doing it… In my defense, it kept her occupied while i made something more nutritious.
  6. Yes, when my 4 month old baby gets up at 4 am, i am less than ecstatic to go soothe him.
  7. When my baby cries for someone else, i pretend to feel bad, but I’m glad for the few minutes i get to myself.
  8. Baby wipe baths after just being covered in pee are a usual occurrence.


Have any confessions about parenting you would like to share? Please use the comments section


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