3D Bedrooms and Tips On How To Get Your Kids To Not Be Scared Of Their Rooms

Most, if not all, kids experience having fears inside their bedroom, especially at night when it’s time to sleep. Whether it’s because of the dark, monsters, or strange noises, it will disrupt your sleep, too if they don’t go to sleep. So, if you want all of you to get a good night’s rest, here are some tips for you:


The first thing that you should do is to talk to your child. Ask them what scares them about their room, but don’t force them into telling you. Make them feel like it’s safe for them to tell you what scares them. Truly listen to what they tell you, and never invalidate your child’s feelings.


You can do some redecorating to make the room more appealing to your child. It doesn’t have to be an all-out splurge. Maybe you can change their bedding and pillowcases with fun prints like their favorite cartoon characters or animals. You can try the 3D stuff from VisionBedding, which will make your kid’s bed a lot more interesting than their old plain bedsheets.

If you really can’t afford to purchase anything new, you can try rearranging and tidying up a bit. Keep away the toys and other stuff that might create eerie shadows at night. Clean up under their beds and inside their closets because those pile of clothes might be the one that’s causing your child’s fears.

Don’t Reinforce the Fear

Don’t pretend like you’re slaying the monsters or that you cast a magic spell in the room to keep the scary things away. You’re not helping to overcome the fear. You’re only reinforcing the belief that there were monsters in the room by doing something unrealistic to get rid of it.

When they get scared again, they will ask for your ritual to get rid of the monsters for the nth time. You’re only delaying their bedtime, and they’ll still believe that there’s something to be afraid of in their room. You can try and convince them that their 3D bedroom is too pretty or awesome for a monster to be living in it.

Sleeping ChildGet A Night Light

If your child is afraid of the dark, maybe you should get a night light. It may not be good to let them sleep with their lights on because it may disrupt their sleep, so settle for having a night light that glows dimly.

You can also use different night lights or fairy lights to highlight the different prints on their 3D wall art, curtains, or rugs. That way, they’ll only see their favorite pictures instead of the scary stuff.

Play Soft Music

The world is never truly quiet, so your child is most likely to hear small noises when the whole house quiets down for the night. If strange noises are what’s scaring them, you can play music to drown them out. Create a playlist of soft music or maybe even soothing nature sound effects so that they’ll only focus on it instead of the scary sounds.

Praise For Conquering Fear

If your child was afraid the night before, but you managed to convince them that everything will be okay, give them a little praise the next day. Tell them how proud you are of them.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping alone in a room is one way to teach them independence. Instead of being with you all day every day, they’ll learn how to be alone and be okay with it. However, if they’re constantly afraid of whatever they see or hear in their room, it may hurt their development, so try the tips above on how to help them overcome their fears.

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