16 Incredible Mommy Blogs

If you are interested in all things mommy then you are in the right place. Here are 16 incredible mommy blogs that you should be following!

Every topic from natural health to science, from fashion to travel, is covered. If you have mom-related questions or just want to look up a recipe, then be sure to follow these incredible mommy blogs.

16 Mommy Blogs You Should Be Following

1. The Mommyhood Chronicles

The Mommyhood ChroniclesMelissa, a busy mother of 3 and part time dentist, brings a witty and fun take on everyday parenting through her blog. She is the #2 U.S. review blogger and the #13 top U.S. blogger. Her articles are personable and have the feel as if you were chatting with a friend.

She connects with readers through her quirky humor like in her Saturday’s Top Five Laughs in which every parent can relate to the funny things kids say. Her product reviews are reliable and vary from baby products to things for moms.

If you are into Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, then she has a fun article from when Disney sponsored a trip to visit the set in Atlanta, Ga. Don’t forget to check out her giveaways as those are mommy favorites! Overall this is a good read for the everyday mom.

2. Dagmar’s Home

Dagmar’s HomeDagmar Bleasdale, a green living mom of 1, is a well-featured mommy blogger. She grew up in Germany and has a knack for interior decorating and eco-friendly living. Her style has a vintage cottage feel that exudes elegance.

The tips Dagmar gives on interior design are nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for an easy DIY project or craft, there is plenty here to satisfy.

Her motto is “Make the most of what you have, ” and she gives great tips to help moms parent in a “green way.” Readers looking to learn more about frugal living should check this blog out.

3. Chronicles of a Young Mother

Chronicles of a Young MotherVivienne, a busy young mother of 2, offers a diverse look at being a mom through her blog. She is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. Her goal is to bring other young mothers together so they can feel more at ease in our society.

The readers will connect through her beauty, fashion, and parenting tips. The articles are detailed and fun to read.

She even provides easy to use links for the products that she uses in her posts. Check out the Young Mom section for a glimpse into her daily life as she covers many real issues that young mothers face today.

4. Mommy Gone Tropical

Mommy Gone TropicalElizabeth, an inspirational mom of one, provides a view into her life as a deaf mom to a hearing child. Both she and her partner are hearing impaired.

Through this blog, she tackles subjects like How Do Deaf Parents Hear their Baby Cry and The Shock of Raising a Hearing Child. She provides DIY American Sign Language (ASL) crafts and projects. There is a uniqueness about her, and she brings it to her blog through being relatable.

If you are or know someone with hearing loss, this is a great blog to check out.

5. Marcie in Mommyland

Marci in MommylandMarci Cheung, a Seatle based mom of two, has the philosophy that enriching your children through travel is the best form of education. She provides parents fantastic tips for traveling with kids.

One can read articles such as 7 Ways to Prep a Toddler for Disneyland and The Toddler Travel Bucket List among much more. Her product reviews are well laid out with clear pros and cons. Want to know how to apply for Baby’s passport?

Her blog gives detailed information on what is needed and how to do it. For the traveling parent, this is a great read!

6. Niagara Mommy

Niagara MommyVickie Ceccato, a working mom of two, has a brilliant approach to motherhood. Her quote, “Navigating parenthood with a sense of humor and a bottle of wine” exudes the light and fun feeling of her blog.

She reminds parents to take care of themselves, often a forgotten task. Her son’s struggle with 49, XXXXY Syndrome is an inspirational read.
Hard topics such as postpartum depression are covered in a way that most any mom can relate. She has an easy going approach to parenting that is a pleasure to read.

7. Mama at Heart

Jennifer, a straight-forward mom of two, created this blog to share her parenting journey. With a realistic outlook on life, she explores topics that cover kids as well as how to improve your relationship.

She provides many tips and tricks that she has learned along this road into motherhood. She covers many topics from birthday parties to struggles of the working mother. Don’t know what to cook? Check out her recipes! Be sure to look into this noteworthy mommy blogger.

8. Mama Natural

Mama NaturalGenevieve, a mother of two, is a self-proclaimed ‘crunchy’ mom. She brings an essence of fun and witty humor to parenting topics. This blog is an excellent reference to all things natural.

She has almost every area from pregnancy to essential oils. Want to know how to have a natural birth? Is your Baby’s poop normal? She covers these topics and much more. When you are done reading her posts, don’t forget to check out her humorous videos!

9. Mommypotamus

MommypotamusHeather, researcher-mom of three, provides informative articles based on scientific evidence. She developed an autoimmune disorder that forced her to make significant lifestyle changes to be healthy.

This blog has many great articles that provide tips she has learned throughout her endeavor. She gives great insight to home water births and DIY guides. If you are looking for easy paleo or gluten free recipes, then she has it! For those who are looking into the natural style of parenting, this is a fantastic read.

10. Wellness Mama

Wellness MamaKatie, mom of six, offers practical and useful tips for parents. She came to the realization after having her first child that she wanted to improve his life in every way possible. After her struggle with thyroid disease, she made lifestyle changes for the better.

Here readers can find information about everything from natural remedies to kid-approved recipes.  She also provides many great organization tips for moms. Wellness mama is a place to go for tips that make natural living easier.

11. Alpha Mom

Alpha MomIsabel Kaliman, a mother of one, helps others embrace motherhood. Being a mom is not easy and does not come naturally for everyone. That is the reason she created this blog to connect mothers by covering topics ranging from pregnancy all the way to teens.

With many different versatile writers on board, there is something for every mom in this blog. Readers will find an array of topics on all different parenting styles which makes Alpha Mom a good place for diverse advice.

12. Nourishing Little Souls

Nourishing Little SoulsKate Skero, a mother of two, has a Bachelor’s Degree in print media but devotes her time to nourishing her family’s bodies, minds, and souls. Her belief is to “live minimally but love liberally.” She loves adventure, and her blog shows it.

Kate is an excellent source for articles relating to marriage like My Husband isn’t in Love with Me and Here’s Why and life articles like When the Babies Come Before the House. She has a unique way of creating a window into her life and thoughts of mommy-hood.

13. Evolutionary Parenting

Evolutionary ParentingTracy Cassels, a mother of two, has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology and provides articles with science-based information. She is a busy mom with research being her focus. The highly accredited advisor to the Children’s Health and Human Rights Partnership offers many insights into difficult topics like circumcision and vaccination.

When looking into different aspects of parenting having a scientific opinion is a great tool to utilize. Tracey also provides her services as a parenting and sleep coach! For parenting guidance based on science, history, and evolution this is the blog to read.

14. Breastfeeding Place

Breastfeeding PlaceBreastfeeding place is a blog created by many different mommy authors. They range from your typical stay-at-home mom to lactation consultants. The versatility of this group offers mothers tips on the many aspects of breastfeeding.

Moms can read about the basics of breastfeeding and accessories that will help out. Among the articles, you can read about the nutritional value of formula. Breastfeeding Place is a great community for breastfeeding mothers to get information about breast milk. If one is breastfeeding or just thinking about it this a great resource.

15. Wry Mummy

Wry MummyJess, a brave mom of three boys, brings humor to the fiasco that is everyday mommy life. Her topics range from daily living to playdates. She takes the approach of stress-free parenting.

It’s s a lot more fun when you find the humor in life, and this is what she strives to accomplish. Check out her Wry Weekly Posts for a great read and some humorous insights into her busy life.

16. Baby Foode

Baby FoodeMichele Olivier, a foodie mom of two, is a self-proclaimed control freak (in a good way) who has brought a beautiful array of baby puree recipes to other moms. The minute she tasted jarred baby food she felt like she could create something better.

Michele made it her mission to make foods that babies would eat. Three books later it is evident that she has peaked other mom’s interest. Check out this blog for tips on preparing the food and nutritional value of the produce that she uses.

These mommy blogs are interesting and fun to follow.  They offer a place for readers to come together and become a community.  If there are any others that we missed, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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