Ideas for Baby Boy First Birthday Outfit

Your baby boy’s first birthday is coming up? How exciting!

Not sure where to start to pick a baby boy first birthday outfit? There are a lot of cute and fun outfits to choose from for your baby’s special day. While planning for the special day, choosing the right outfit may be a challenge since there are so many options available both online and in stores.

No worries…all of us here at BabyCare Mag have you covered. Keep reading for some great ideas to help you with your baby boy’s first birthday outfit and some tips to bear in mind while you are planning.

Baby Boy First Birthday Outfit Ideas

Themed Party Outfits 

A themed party is such a great way to celebrate. Your baby boy will only turn one once! Have fun with an adorable costume. Then, take lots of photos and enjoy the memories for years and years to come.

baby super man

1. Super Hero:

Who doesn’t love a superhero? Make your baby the superhero of the day with a cape and a cool superhero mask. Or you can have him dressed up in a red and blue spiderman suit. Another option – Clark Kent with the signature black-rimmed glasses.

2. Micky Mouse:

Find a Mickey Mouse-themed outfit with a bow tie and a t-shirt. Coordinate with a pair of jeans or black shorts, and don’t forget the Mickey Mouse ears! There are lots of Mickey Mouse-themed 1st birthday outfits in stores and online.

3. Nautical:

A nautical themed costume is a cute idea for your birthday boy. Dress him up in a sailor hat with a sailor suit romper. Just make sure to add the sailor collar, tie, and buttons! This outfit is a very good idea for taking photos.

baby dressed up like a cowboy

4. Cowboy:

For a rodeo cowboy-themed party, make your little one the star of the party with a superb cowboy getup. Dress him up in cow print chaps, a bandana, and a cowboy hat.

5. Sports:

If you or your family has a favorite sports team, your favorite jersey is a must!

6. Little Man:

Our favorite idea is the “little man” theme. Dress your baby boy up in a vintage-inspired suit outfit. Don’t forget the accessories: a tie, suspenders, a newsboy cap, or even a prop mustache. This is a great, adorable theme that will remind you he’s growing up fast. Enjoy every moment, Momma!

 Little Man

Non-Themed Outfit Ideas

Even if you’re not planning a themed birthday party, there are still a ton of cute outfits to choose from. If you’re planning a birthday party that is coming up be sure to purchase an appropriate outfit for the weather.

A great casual look for the beautiful spring weather approaching could be a button up shirt paired with jean or cargo shorts and adorable sandals. A lovely dress up look for colder weather is a  button up shirt paired with a cute bright cardigan, jeans, and moccasins.

Smash Cake Outfits 

A smash cake outfit is simply an outfit worn while your baby is making a complete mess of their first birthday cake. A baby boy first birthday outfit normally consists of a diaper cover and accessories. Maybe a party hat, bow tie, suspenders or a baby bib. Smash cake outfits are perfect for photos as your baby enjoys their first birthday cake.

Personalized T-shirts

If you’re having no luck with finding an outfit you’re looking for, a customized outfit for your baby’s first birthday may be perfect for you. Websites like and let you personalize shirts for your birthday boy and even shirts for the parents to match.

DIY Outfits 

If you’re not looking to spend extra money on an outfit, you can definitely create a cute and inexpensive birthday outfit yourself. There are a ton of projects and ideas on the internet that can guide you to creating the perfect outfit for your little one.

You can use iron on letters and numbers, fabric paint or anything creative to create a custom made shirt for your little one. Another great idea is to turn your baby boy’s birthday outfit into a fun art project for you and your family. Have your little one use his natural creative talents to design his own outfit with finger paint. It’s a cute idea and something you can definitely cherish as a keepsake.

Celebrating this special day is one to remember for a lifetime to come.

Congratulations! Your little one has graced this earth for a year, and you made it through one year of parenthood. You underwent labor and giving birth or providing support for all the amazing dads out there. You also stayed up long hours, ran after your speedy crawler, and shed a happy tear when they smiled at you for the first time.

It will definitely be a momentous time for everyone to see your baby boy turn 1. Every parent wants to make their baby’s first birthday the most memorable and fun for loved ones to celebrate and what better way to make memories with an adorable their first birthday outfit.

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