The Shocking Truth About “First Finger Foods” for Babies

So, you are in the grocery store and see “First Finger Food” on the packaging.

You think, “Great this will be perfect for my baby!” But, be warned… not all foods claiming to be first finger foods are actually safe for your little one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics characterizes safe first foods as small, soft and easy to swallow. According to the AAP, babies should start trying these foods when they’re able to sit up without support and bring their own hands to their mouths. ~FitPregnancy 

Finger Foods And Baby

The post goes on to state that size is not the only factor in labeling a safe food. The foods need to be soft enough to dissolve in baby’s mouth, no teeth required. Some of the “baby foods” tested did not break down easily, even the ones from popular baby food brands. Foods that take longer to break down present a possible choking hazard.

Investigator Ruth Milanaik makes the point that not all finger foods have been tested in real life situations for safety.

Fit Pregnancy recommends that you try first finger foods yourself, to see how well they dissolve, before feeding them to your baby. Read Full Post Here

How to Prepare Finger-Sized Food for Your Baby (Baby-Led Weaning)

This video has some great tips on how to prepare finger foods for baby. But, I would be cautious with the uncooked carrots as it will be necessary for Baby to chew them. The carrots really should be steamed or stewed. The other examples are great, soft foods:

When you cannot use soft, natural foods at home and need to purchase snacks, just be sure to test them first and err on the side of caution. If you have questions about what foods are safe, your pediatrician or nutritionist should be able to help.


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