Is it Time to Switch from Baby Food to Finger Food?

Is it time to transition from baby food to finger food? The challenge can seem tough! But our friends at know a thing or two about wholesome baby food. They’ve created a list of easy to prepare ideas to help baby take its first, well, stabs at eating real food. Their lists are broken up into categories- fruits, vegetables, and “other” ideas.

For fruits, Momtastic suggests easy to eat cubes of soft fruits. Strawberries, bananas, squished blueberries, and bits of very ripe mango can all be easy for baby to pick up, as well as to eat. Make sure to remove any seeds or pits!

For vegetables, Momtastic recommends soft, cooked, lukewarm options. Carrots, peas, squash, or green beans can all be great options! Make sure any peeling is done before giving to baby and definitely check your temperatures.

Other great options include tofu, soft pasta, small pieces of soft meats, and cereals like Cheerios. The blog also includes some great recipes for meals like apple turkey loaf or sweet potato fries that are healthy for baby and help create a varied, fun, nutritious diet.

Check out the whole blog for more great ideas!

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