Baby Milestones and Red Flags to Watch Out for

The first year of baby milestones is so exciting! By the end of the first year, parenting your infant will feel nothing like those first few weeks with a newborn. Below you’ll find an overview of what to expect during the first year and beyond. Keep in mind, ALL babies are different and develop in their own time.

Your baby has her own schedule, so the list below is not definitive by any means.

While your child may not have reached a certain milestone by a specific age, you should keep track of your baby’s milestones to ensure they are somewhat on course.

Congratulations! What to Expect the First Year

Congratulations! What to Expect the First Year

At 3 months old, I…

At 3 months old I
  • Notice bright lights and colors
  • Follow faces with my eyes
  • Know and recognize my bottle or mommy’s breast
  • Grasp for hair or toys
  • Respond to loud noises
  • Wiggle around a lot
  • Recognize my parents and smile back to them
  • Make sounds

At 6 months old, I…

At 6 months old, I
  • Turn in the direction I hear a voice
  • Pick up toys
  • Rollover
  • Can play with my toes
  • Hold the bottle for myself
  • Know my family members faces
  • Babble, squeal and can repeat vowels
  • Sit

At 9 months old, I…

At 9 months old, I
  • Constantly copy gestures and sounds
  • Pick crumbs and other small things with my thumb and fingers
  • Understand the word no

At 12 months old, I…

At 12 months old, I
  • Can drink from a cup with some help from you
  • Know my name and respond to it
  • Am wary of strangers
  • Can crawl on hands and knees and walk while holding furniture
  • Can say at least 2 words
  • Like to play games

At 15 months old, I…

At 15 months old, I
  • Can hand you stuff if you ask me to
  • Walk with no help
  • Use gestures
  • Like pictures
  • Can point at items you name if the picture is familiar

At 18 months old, I…

At 18 months old, I
  • Can follow simple directions
  • Feed myself sometimes
  • Pull off my own shoes
  • Like to pull and push items
  • Can point out body parts
  • Can name objects
  • Like to copy

At 21 months old, I…

At 21 months old, I
  • Like to pretend play
  • Can put together a 3 piece puzzle
  • Like to say “no”
  • Like throwing balls
  • Like playing alone for short periods of time

At 24 months old, I…

  • Use two or three-word sentences
  • Know the names of my toys
  • Know people’s names
  • Feed myself with a spoon
  • Run short distances without falling over
  • Turn the pages of a book one at a time

At 36 months old, I…

At 36 months old, I
  • Walk up steps
  • Open containers
  • Can dress myself
  • Answer simple questions
  • Like to play with other children
  • Make up to 5-word sentences
  • Jump in place
  • Express my feelings without necessarily crying
  • Name a color correctly

Baby milestones red flags

  • Not alert or aware of the environment
  • Poor head control at 5 months
  • Does not reach for objects by 5 months old
  • Does not smile
  • Does not babble by 6 months
  • Does not make pointing gestures by 12 months
  • Does not say mama or dada by 18 months

As noted above, this is not a comprehensive list, but if your child has not hit any of the milestones above in time, you should consult your pediatrician.

Tell us about your baby’s development, what were your most memorable moments?

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