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Your baby’s first steps will be as momentous an occasion as the first rocket launching.  Walking means your baby gains freedom and is now considered a toddler, no wonder this particular milestone is a high point.

Will walking late mean your child will never be an athlete? If a child walks early, does it mean you have a genius in your hands? Find out below.

My baby crawled late

Crawling in itself is not critical to development but helps your baby build muscles and be able to use them.

Generally, kids who crawl early, walk early. Children usually crawl for about 3 months before they start walking. Not all children progress from rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling up, standing, then walking.

Some kids crawl later because their parents do not let them stay on their stomach enough fearing SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. Tummy time helps children build their neck and  back muscles so they can start to walk.

You can give your child an incentive to crawl such as their favorite toy just beyond their reach. Allow your child do things on their own time though.

My baby was late to walk

Walking requires muscles, balance and coordination. If your child is slow to walk, this does not necessarily mean they are less intelligent than their peers.

Pediatricians will evaluate a child who cannot walk by 17 months to ensure they do not have a neurological problem.

90 percent of children will walk by 15 months while about 50% of children are walking by the time they hit the 1 year mark. Some children are simply scared and require a hand to hold.

If confidence is your child’s problem, refrain from baby walkers which can actually delay walking. Do not stress or push your child to walk.

My child walks funny

Your child’s legs will be slightly bowed when they start walking. Bow legs are usually not a concern, they will correct themselves by 3 years old.

If your child does not plant their feet on the ground but rather toe walks, have a doctor investigate. Toe walking may simply be phase, but may also indicate a developmental problem .

If your baby is completely healthy you’ll soon be wishing they were tiny again and spending their days sucking  on your boob as opposed to running around everywhere and screaming at the top of their lungs.


How old was your child when they started walking?


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