What to Bring to a Picnic with Baby

A picnic is a great opportunity to spend time in the fresh air and play with your children.

When there is a baby in your family, however, every parent has to think about what to bring to a picnic with Baby. Since babies need special attention and meticulous planning, we’ve created a list to help you organize a picnic with your baby.

A blanket

While you might get away without a blanket when out with older children, when you have a baby you absolutely need to bring a blanket. Keep in mind that while older children can run around and play at the playground, your baby will spend most of his time with you, laying or sitting, depending on how old he is. Get a blanket designed especially for a picnic, as they are layered with water-resistant material on one side.

baby playing with book during a picnic

Food and drinks

It’s not a picnic without a packed lunch and some snacks! However, when planning what to bring to a picnic with Baby, make sure to consider what your baby actually eats. Depending on Baby’s age, you might have a limited selection of food. Breastfeeding or formula are the most obvious choices, but if your baby is already eating solids you could cook a couple of carrots or potatoes and pack them in a little box. You can also pack some fruit, such as bananas or pears. When it comes to drinks, you will need water, and perhaps juice. You might want to consider carrying it all in a portable cooler to make sure everything stays fresh.

A book

It is never too early to get your child interested in reading. Some moms start developing this habit during pregnancy, as this is a great way to spend time with your child while developing his  creativity, imagination, and language skills. Make sure you bring a book, or several, that your baby loves. Put your baby in a comfortable position (perhaps lay next to each other) and start reading. Instead of reading a story, a picture book such as this one might also be a good choice.

picnic pals baby book


There is no easier way to keep children entertained than with their favorite toys, so when you think about what to bring to a picnic with Baby consider bringing a couple of your baby’s favorite toys. This is why cars, dolls, a cute teddy bear, a rattle, or anything that your baby loves should find its way into your picnic basket. If your baby is starting to walk, make sure you bring a ball. This is a fun activity to encourage your baby to start walking. And don’t worry, the blanket and the grass will cushion the imminent falls.

Protection from the sun

Despite the fact you might find a perfect spot to place your blanket in a shade of a large tree, you and your baby could still get sunburned. Just in case, pack a baby-safe sunscreen and a hat for your baby. Below is the highest-ranking (safest) baby sunscreen on the EWG’s Skin Deep database.

bring sun screen for baby for your picnic


Baby’s essentials

You’re probably already used to taking your diaper bag with you everywhere you go. You never know when you’ll need one of the many baby essentials. Having a picnic is no exception, so bring all of the essentials with you, and don’t forget to pack some extra ones such as mosquito repellent spray, or a cream to sooth the rash if your baby happens to be bitten. When it comes to choosing the products, make sure they are suitable for baby’s sensitive skin, such as repellents with essential oils from plants.

insect repellent for baby picnic

Finally, we want to recommend bringing a camera but since your phone probably has a solid camera built into it, you might just use that one instead. However, don’t forget to record the memories of what may be your baby’s first picnic, as it certainly is one of those experiences you would like to remember and hold on as you watch your baby grow up. Once you have everything planned, and you know exactly what to bring to a picnic with Baby, you are ready to go out. Find a perfect place to spread your blanket and enjoy a wonderful day with your family.


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