20 Valentine’s Day Baby Names

Is Valentine’s Day important to you and your growing family? If so, why not browse Valentine’s Day baby names? After all, Valentine’s Day is the day of love, so it should come as no surprise that many babies are conceived on this day.

Valentine’s Day Baby Names
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Add to that the fact that 350,000 babies are born on this planet on Valentine’s Day, and you can see why so many parents turn to this wonderful holiday as inspiration for their baby’s name. Here is a list of Valentine’s Day inspired baby names that make great choices for parents who are looking for a moniker that honors this holiday.

Valentine’s Day Baby Names

Names that mean Valentine

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There are many creative baby names related to Valentine’s Day as you’ll soon discover after reading this list. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more straightforward, consider a name that literally means Valentine.


This is the perfect name for a little boy that was conceived on Valentine’s Day or was born on Valentine’s Day. It carries the additional meanings of healthy, strong, brave, and courageous.


Expecting a little girl? Use the female version of Valentine, which is Valentina. It carries the same additional meanings as Valentino since they share the same base name.


Looking for a name that isn’t gender-specific? Name your baby Valentin. If you really want to make your baby’s moniker visible, there’s no reason why you can’t add the ‘e’ and name your baby Valentine!

If it sounds like a bit much as a first name, consider using it as your baby’s middle name.

February Baby Names

February baby names
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If naming your baby directly after the Valentine’s holiday is a bit much for you, you can choose to name him or her after the month of February. Of course, naming your baby February is an option too.

If an actress like January Jones can be named after a cold-weather month, why can’t you name your child after the month of love? However, there are other options if you want a February baby name connection that isn’t so obvious.


Not only is Amethyst a beautiful purple hue, but it’s also a gemstone that happens to be the month of February’s birthstone. If nicknames are your thing, you could call your little girl ‘Amy’ for short.

This nickname has the added benefit of meaning ‘beloved,’ which makes it a good Valentine’s Day name too!


February isn’t known for being a green month. After all, it lands smack dab in the middle of winter!

However, every month is assigned its own flower, and the month of February calls the primrose one of its birth flowers.


Calling your baby something girly is cute and adorable, but what if you want to raise a girl to be a strong woman? Ever hear of Sadie Hawkins?

Not only is it the name of the dance where girls ask the guys out, but it’s also the term used to describe the Irish tradition of women who propose to their significant others on Leap Day, a truly unique February event.


It may be easier to come up with little girl names that have a February theme, but there are plenty of boys’ names to choose from. Ash is the Celtic tree of February, making it the perfect choice for a little boy born this month.


Do you like the tree theme but don’t care much for the name Ash? Consider Rowan instead. It’s another symbol of February, but it also means ‘little redhead,’ making it an excellent choice if your baby has fiery red hair.

Boys’ Names

Boys names
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Focusing in on Valentine’s Day or the month of February can simplify things, but don’t let it keep you from exploring other baby names that are perfect for this time of year! Here are some boys names that are perfect for February.


This name means ‘pilgrim to Rome,’ which doesn’t make it sound very romantic, but it’s also one of the main characters in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. There really is no more romantic choice for a little boy!


Looking for a name that your child isn’t likely to share with his classmates? Consider Eros. He was an ancient Greek mythological god who cast arrows upon his victims so they would fall in love.

It’s a way to name your child after Cupid without coming right out and saying it.


Eros is an excellent choice if you want to honor Cupid, but there are other options, especially if you don’t want your child’s name directly related to the deeds of this little god. An even less obvious choice would be the name, Archer.


Of course, you could always name your baby boy Beau, as it means beautiful or handsome in French, but why not choose something a little different? Adonis has the same meaning, but because it has Greek roots, its origin is harder to pin down.


This is an unexpected choice because it doesn’t have any direct links to Valentine’s Day or February, but the connections are there if you look closely. Not only does President’s Day occur in February, but Abraham Lincoln’s actual birthday is in February, making it an excellent name choice.


This one’s a little more obvious, but it’s a good choice because its spelling makes it a reasonable option for a little boy. Most famous as the last name, as in Lorenz Hart and Carey Hart, it would make a great first or middle name as well.

Girls’ Names

Girls Names
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Naming a girl after this holiday is quite a bit easier than naming a boy after the month of February. Paris and Rose come to mind, but if you’re looking for a few ideas that aren’t so familiar or obvious, check out our list of girls’ names.


Take the French word ‘amour’ and turn it into a girl’s name! This version of the word means ‘little love,’ making it the perfect moniker for a young infant.


For a name that has a little more depth, choose Milena. It means love too, just like Amorette, but it also means ‘warmth and grace.’

It also has Czech roots, making it an excellent choice for those with a family history in that part of the world.


Although uncommon, the name Dove isn’t unheard of. Originally used as a term of endearment, Dove was utilized in the Song of Songs, a book in the Bible, that is dedicated to love.

It also has strong ties to peace, making it a good Valentine’s name.


Freya is another name you don’t hear very often, but it has enjoyed some popularity in the past. Freya is the Norse god of love and fertility, making this a good alternative to the more obvious option, Aphrodite.


The name Primrose was mentioned earlier as an option for a February baby, but Rosalind is an equally beautiful choice. Not only does it represent the holiday’s most popular flower, but it is also one of the names from another less famous Shakespearean couple, Rosalind, and Orlando, in the play As You Like It.


Some names are popular in some areas of the world, and nearly nonexistent in others. Choose a popular Asian name, like Aiko, which means ‘little-loved one.’

Not only is it a good option for a little girl, but it also makes a good name for a baby boy!

Choosing the right baby name

Only you know what name is perfect for your little one. As long as you follow your heart, you can’t go wrong.

Because these Valentine’s Day baby names allow you to do just that, you can feel confident that your little one will embody the spirit of his or her name throughout their lifetime.

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