Interesting First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Baby

Each Mother’s Day is special for mommies, but the first one is particularly important. This is why we want to suggest some interesting first Mother’s Day gift ideas from baby.

Every mom wants to feel special on this day, and a gift from her baby on her first Mother’s Day ever is certainly going to put a smile on her face. Here are some great ideas!

Hand and Footprint Impression Kit

This DIY kit has everything you need to create hand and footprint impressions with your baby. A clay mold in a special tin and instructions on how to make prints are included. Mom gets a cute little heart-shaped box with a kit to make an imprint of her baby’s little hands and feet, and to keep them in a special place as a memory of her first year of being a mom.  

first Mother's Day ideas from baby Hand and footprint impression kit

Baby Onesie

Sure, this is actually a gift for a baby, but just imagine a proud mama out with her little angel who’s wearing the cutest message ever on her onesie – “I love mommy.” Besides, all mamas love buying new outfits for their babies!

first Mother's Day ideas from baby baby onsie

Photo Frame

When it comes to finding interesting first Mother’s Day ideas from baby, this “Mom and me” photo frame is a great choice. It’s ideal for keeping that special photo of mama and her baby in a cute frame decorated with two colorful butterflies on the bottom.

first Mother's Day ideas from baby photo frame

Personalized Jewelry

For all those mamas who love jewelry, Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to make her personalized jewelry with baby’s name imprinted on it. You could go for a medallion shaped like a heart with the name imprinted on it, or you could choose a personalized signature ring. All you need to provide is an image of the baby’s name handwritten and you’re ready to order this wonderful gift for mommy.

first Mother's Day ideas from baby personalized jewelry

I Love My Mummy Mug

Many moms love drinking that first cup of coffee while everyone in the house is still asleep, so why not give a beautiful mug from the baby? The “I love my mummy” message written on this mug is a great reason for every mom to smile in the morning while enjoying some coffee or tea.


I Love My Mummy

Matching Clothes

Matching clothes are always a cute touch! Family members can wear them on different occasions, especially on holidays. It’s possible to order clothes with a custom message printed on them, but there are also many pre-made packages for moms and her kids. This one is for mom and her baby girl, with a message “She got it from me” for mom and “I got it from my mama” for baby. While mom gets a short-sleeved t-shirt, there is a cute little short-sleeved onesie for the baby.

first Mother's Day ideas from baby matching clothes


Since all moms love taking tons of photos of their kids, especially as their baby is growing up so quickly, this could be the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving. We suggest collecting the best photos taken during the baby’s first year and making a nice photo book as a gift for mom. Different businesses offer many ideas and ready-made designs for a photo book. There is even one that is Instagram-friendly, making square-shaped photo books from the photos imported straight from Instagram.

first Mother's Day ideas from baby photo book

Happy Mother’s Day Card

This adorable card is a nice present for all mamas since it can be used both as a gift and as a framed wall decoration in the living room. When it comes to ready-made cards, you can browse all sorts of designs and different messages to find the one that would be perfect to give to a special mom on Mother’s Day. This card says “Home is where my mom is” and it is available in pink. How sweet!

first Mother's Day card from baby card

Mommy Workout Gear

Every mommy can use some encouragement as she tries to get back to her original weight after having a baby. If mom is trying to hit the gym, workout gear could be a great way to show support. “Mommy’s workout buddy” is a fun t-shirt for mom, especially if she plans on joining those special “mommy and me” programs where the baby comes along to the workout.

first Mother's Day ideas from baby workout gear

In the end, any gift from the baby will be the best one. The smile on the face of her little angel is always enough to make her day, no matter which Mother’s Day gift you choose. Mom will have a great day and cherish all those precious moments spent with her baby.


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