How to Set up Baby’s First Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Sunday is fast approaching! If there’s a new baby in your family, there’s probably one activity that everyone is looking forward to – baby’s first Easter egg hunt!

First, some history.

How did the Easter egg hunt come to be?

The egg is said to symbolize the tomb of Christ’s resurrection. The Easter egg hunt, according to Professor Lizette Larson-Miller of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, can be traced to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther. She states:

“We know that Martin Luther had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children, and it probably has this connection back to this idea of eggs being the tomb.” //

Reverend Mary Jane Pierce Norton, the Associate General Secretary of Leadership Ministries at the General Board of Discipleship, adds:

“There’s something about going to hunt the eggs just as we might go to hunt for Jesus in the tomb. And when we find them it’s that joy that the women had when they reached the tomb first and found that Jesus was no longer there.” //

Easter egg hunts are a fun and joyous tradition, especially for younger children.

Here’s how to set it up:

1. Get outdoors

baby is searching for easter eggsIf possible, organize baby’s first Easter egg hunt outdoors. You won’t have to worry about fitting all of your guests inside the house and you can enjoy a beautiful spring day.

2. Suit up!

Dress up as bunnies for baby's first easter egg hunt

You only have so much time before your little bundle of joy develops a fashion sense and starts objecting to being dressed like an adorable, fluffy animal. You must act quickly! One baby-sized Easter Bunny suit, coming right up!

3. Prep the eggs

A filed easter basketYou can decorate real hard-boiled ones or use plastic eggs filled with age-appropriate, healthy, yummy treats. Just make sure any plastic eggs are made of non-toxic material (dye or paint) so baby stays safe. The eggs will likely end up in their mouth at some point!

Also, don’t use real, heavy eggs if your baby is in the grasping and throwing phase to avoid injuries. Don’t use chocolate eggs – they’ll melt all over the place!

4. Prep the hunt


baby eating easter egg

Clear the grass of anything your child could get hurt on. Then prepare a baby-proofed perimeter and place shiny, colored eggs all over with small distances between them. If you’re letting your baby crawl to them, don’t make them too hard to reach.

If your baby is not crawling yet, simply place the eggs in a basket and let baby play! Like the little one in the picture above, she’ll have plenty of fun just sitting in the grass sorting through her colorful eggs.

5. Add decorations

Colorful easter decoration is pretty and kids love itAccording to the Mother & Baby website, an important aspect of planning baby’s first Easter egg hunt is keeping things entertaining for the main guest. Use visual clues, as big and colorful as you can.

Your little one might not notice a plastic, colored egg in the grass. Add some baby-safe, colored cardboard cut-outs or other decorations that are hard to miss. You can create a colorful world for them that can double as an amazing background for your pictures.

6. Stay close by

Just like with any other activity your child undertakes at this stage, the baby needs to be supervised. Do not lose sight of the baby, especially if you are holding the event outside.

You may have prepared in advance and cleared the area from potentially harmful things, but children are resourceful and curious.

After baby’s first Easter egg hunt you will, hopefully, create some new family traditions. Enjoy these Easter egg hunt ideas for babies and get ready to turn every second into a priceless memory!


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