How to Celebrate Father’s Day with a Baby

Baby is here! Now you know the pictures of happy, well rested, serene looking new parents on the internet are all fake, photoshopped, or staged. Welcome to parenthood!

Now that you’re here, it’s time to celebrate an extra special holiday. We’re here to help you figure out how to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby that will make you look forward to it next year and every year after.

Ideas on how to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby and enjoy it!
  1. Sleep in
let dad sleep in on to help celebrate father's day

This must be a new rule! Something as little as letting someone get some well-deserved rest after the difficult first months with a new baby is huge! Daddy-pampering is just as important as mommy-pampering. New fathers get tired, too!

  1. Get baby dressed up in that onesie with his favorite team/superhero/band/music.
matching shirt to celebrate father's day

There is nothing more rewarding than sharing passions, even when you are aware of the fact that the baby does not really have opinions yet. So here is your gift! That of having all ideas, preferences, and opinions accepted without any comments. Savor it! This moment will not last.

  1. Help baby make his “Thank you” list.

How to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby? Make him feel appreciated! The baby may not be able to write yet or even notice all the things dad is doing around the place, but someone could put these things down for him and have him sign in colored palm print. Therefore, Mommy, sharpen your pen and start writing all of the things you appreciate daddy for doing.

  1. Create a special Father’s Day memory… in a professional setting.

dad sleeping with baby to celebrate father's day

Family pictures are adorable, mom, and baby pictures are sweet, but there is something about the dad and baby pictures that just feel very touching and emotional. A professional photographer can make you feel comfortable and capture the best side of you. This is a memory you can share with your little one when he is grown and one he can cherish forever. This is one idea for how to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby in style!

  1. Start a tradition!

Your Father’s Day gift is an empty canvas. This is the first of many Father’s Days you will be celebrating and your chance to make things go a certain way. You can decide on how you spend it with the little one. A good idea would be to plan the day out in adjustable details which you can later adapt so that you can keep the tradition throughout all of the phases of your child’s life. You may be looking for an answer to how to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby but end up finding the answer to how to spend all Father’s Days from now on.

You may not pay much attention to it at first, but pretty soon this holiday will start catching a whole new meaning. Make sure you do not miss out on any moment in your child’s life and try at least some of the things on this list of ideas for how to celebrate Father’s Day with a baby.


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