5 Fun Ideas for Baby’s First Easter Activities

Are you planning for Easter yet? Need ideas for baby’s first Easter activities? We’ve got you covered!

Aside from baby’s first Easter egg hunt, you may be wondering what else you can do with your newborn or infant.

Celebrating this holiday doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just take the usual activities and simplify them for little hands and young hearts.

Here are a few ideas.

#1 – Decorate eggs
decorate eggs for Baby's first Easter activities

We all know how fun it is to decorate eggs for Easter. No family member, no matter how young, should miss out!

For older infants, you (or an older sibling) can hold the eggs while your baby decorates with the stickers, crayons, or whatever their little hands can hold.

For younger infants, try making simple Easter egg rattles out of colorful, plastic Easter eggs. Just fill them with rice or beans, seal them up tight (so the contents don’t become a choking hazard!). Place the egg rattles on baby’s highchair while you and the older siblings decorate eggs.

#2 – Fill the basket
stuffed animal Easter basket for Baby's first Easter activities

Babies under one year of age can’t enjoy most traditional Easter basket items. Chocolate, candy, and hard boiled eggs are not recommended for tots under one. That doesn’t mean you can’t create a unique Easter basket! Consider including finger puppets, , stuffed animals, play silks, and board books instead of Easter treats.

Keep in mind, this activity is also for baby! 

Babies are playful and like exploring their world. While you are decorating the basket with ribbons, silk flowers, and other items don’t be surprised if your baby starts throwing decorations out. It’s all part of the game! Just go along with it and enjoy a good laugh and some fun with your little one.

#3 – Easter Photos
Thais Countinho Fotografia
Thais Countinho Fotografia

While some babies won’t scream if you take them for pictures with the Easter Bunny, there are many who will. Why not take Easter photos outside instead? In many places, the flowers are beautiful and with everyone dressed in their Easter best, you can get some lovely family pictures. You’ll have to be quick, though! Most babies won’t give you long to snap that perfect picture.

#4 – Read Easter Books
Baby's first Easter book

While the older kids are having fun with Easter-themed crafts and events, you can spend time reading to your baby. There is a range of Easter-themed books available, so you’re sure to find something to read to your child. Some fun Easter books include:

#5 – Enjoy Easter Songs and Fingerplays

Babies adore music! Best of all, they don’t care if you’re not a good singer. They enjoy the sound of your voice, how your voice changes, and the expressions on your face. They also love the rhythm of the music. They especially love spending time with you.

In our opinion, singing Easter songs and dancing with your baby is one of the best, sweetest Easter activities.

If you’re not familiar with kid-friendly Easter songs, The Holiday Zone has a great list. They also have some super fun fingerplays you can teach baby. For example:

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny,
(Put hands on top of your head like rabbit ears.)

Small and white,
(Hold hands close together to show something tiny.)

Come and fill my Easter basket
(Pretend to fill the basket.)

(Pretend to sleep.)

You and your baby will have a fantastic time celebrating with any and all of these Easter activities. Don’t forget to have your camera ready to capture baby’s first Easter activities for a scrapbook or family photo album.

Have fun!


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