Fabulous Cake Ideas For Baby’s 1st Birthday

Time flies, doesn’t it?

Just yesterday Baby was a sleepy newborn, and now it’s almost Baby’s 1st birthday!

It’s bittersweet. Your little bundle of joy is growing up. If you are looking for some adorable and fabulous cake ideas to celebrate this special day, this post is for you!

7 Perfect Cakes for Baby’s 1st Birthday (smash cakes, too!), Baby Center

You survived the first year with baby! Congrats! Celebrate your accomplishment together with one of these 7 fabulous cakes. How adorable is this lion?!

Baby's 1st birthday
Smash Cakes Your Birthday Baby Will Love, What To Expect


Ready to let baby “Smash” into his or her perfect cake?

Don’t forget to snap an adorable photo before baby dives in!

Baby's 1st birthday
70+ Fabulous and Unique Birthday Cakes For Kids, PopSugar

You are sure to find something that suits your fancy on this list! It’s jam-packed full of ideas! This precious cake for Baby’s 1st birthday celebrates mom and dad, too!

Baby's 1st birthday
1st Birthday Cakes, Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful resource to research 1st birthday cake ideas. From adorable baby animals to flowers to batman, you’ll find things you never would’ve thought of in a million years!

Baby's 1st birthday

And, if you are looking for healthier options…

Healthy & Delicious Baby’s First Birthday Cake Recipes for Your Baby, Wholesome BabyFood 

With wholesome ingredients like carrots, chopped nuts, and bananas these recipes will keep Baby healthy and taste delicious!

Baby's 1st birthday

In case you are looking for healthy and “smashable”…

15 Healthy First Birthday Cakes (That Are Totally Smashable!), Red Tricycle

There is nothing cuter than that photograph of Baby with cake all over his face! Capture that messy face effect on Baby’s 1st birthday in a healthy version with these fifteen recipes.

Baby's 1st birthday



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