Best Christmas Toys for Babies in 2016

Best Christmas Toys for baby Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys, PurpleAre you looking for Christmas toys for babies? With Christmas Eve nearing, you’re probably going crazy searching for the best gift for the newest member of your family.

Well then, don’t fret! We’re here to help you out. We’ve searched all corners of the internet for the best Christmas toys for the year 2016! Here’s the list of our top picks. We spent days reviewing and evaluating them to give you the cream of the crop.

At the same time, we’re giving you tips on how to select products for your baby! So scroll down, check them out, and maximize the list.

Best of 2016: Christmas Toys for Babies

Tip 1

Look for toys that are both educational and fun. Start advancing your baby’s cognitive and physical development while it’s early. Some of these toys are listed below.

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys

Make bath time fun for your baby by giving him or her a reason to look forward to it! This floating octopus bath toy is the perfect gift choice. It’s not just cute and purple;

it also comes with 3 rings that your baby can toss around the tentacles while you are busy giving him or her a bath. This is a good toy because it can help your baby develop hand-eye coordination in an enjoyable way.


Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Fun Toys christmas gift idea for baby



Your baby will find playing with Vtech’s Moosical beads truly fun! The toy comes with 30+ songs and sounds to stimulate auditory senses.

It also features fabric textures that could help baby’s tactile sense develop. Likewise, it has a grasp bead ring and spinning square that could aid in the development of fine motor skills.

Finally, the best part of it is that it’s soft and cuddly!


Vtech Baby Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads christmas gift idea for baby


Teaching your baby early to promote cognitive development is always a good thing. Now you can do exactly this with the aid of Vtech’s talking book.

The book has more than 40 songs and sounds, big and easy to turn pages as well as 6 nursery rhymes to match the pages! Additionally, it has a music mode if you just want your baby to listen to the melodies.

It also has a learning mode, for the times wherein you want your baby to explore the span of features that Vtech has.


Vtech Musical Rhymes Book christmas gift idea for baby


Tip 2

Purchase only toys that are safe and not dangerous. By this, we mean that the toys that you should give your baby should not have parts that could harm him or her. The following are examples of safe toys!

If you have a baby boy, you can buy him Mega Bloks! Size-wise the product is safe since the blocks are large enough to prevent baby from putting them in his mouth and swallowing them accidentally.

The blocks come with a wheelbase that can be attached and detached to make Mega-Blok cars and trucks!


Mega Bloks 80-piece Big Building Bag christmas gift idea for baby



My Baby, You’ll Be Stackable Teether Toys

These toys are vibrant in color, which can stimulate your baby’s visual senses. Also, the pieces are shaped perfectly for grasping to aid in your baby’s motor skill development.

It also functions as a teether to stimulate your baby’s gums and the development of his or her teeth. As a bonus feature, it’s made of non-toxic and BPA-free and plastic free, food-grade silicone making it a safe choice for baby!


My Baby, You’ll Be Stackable Teether Toys christmas gift idea for baby


Rag Book is made of cloth, this rag book is very safe for baby’s playtime! The book shows seven pages of scenes that are typically found at home e.g. taking a bath and eating a meal.

For each of these illustrations, Teddy could be inserted in a pocket to add him to the scene. A ribbon also secures Teddy so that your baby won’t lose him. This toy-slash- is an excellent addition to your baby’s growing collection of books!


Rag Book, Good Night Teddy christmas gift idea for baby


Tip 3

Shop for toys that are affordable. When we say affordable, we don’t mean cheap and low quality. We say that the price is appropriate for the toy’s quality. See the toys below to know what we’re saying.

At $29.99, this tent toy is both a hit to your young one and a real bargain! It has many varieties, and our favorite is the car version.

It’s big enough for sharing among babies (and toddlers). It can even be placed either inside or outside the house for hours of baby fun!

This toy is vibrantly colored and has a crinkle feature, which is said to assist in physical and sensory development. It also has a rattle and bell to attract baby’s attention and click clack beads for hand-eye coordination. Similarly, all four hooves of the toy have been designed to stimulate different activities for your baby!

Moreover, it’s made of 100% polyester, and it’s BPA free too! At $16.52, this product is a sure steal!

Playgro Clip Clop Activity Baby Rattle christmas gift idea for baby

Tip 4

Make sure that the toy has specific functions. For instance, plushies or stuffed toys may look adorably cute, but they do not usually serve another function.

This might imply wasted money on your end. The toys below are not money-wasters!

This baby night-light toy would be a nice addition to your nursery room! It has a timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off.

It also has a star and moon projection, and it changes its colors. Not only does it light your baby’s room, but it also does its job in a uniquely fun way!

A word of caution, though, the item has tiny parts that are choking hazards so it would be best if you don’t let your baby get ahold of the item.

MOKOQI Rotating Star Sky Projection Night Light Toys christmas gift idea for baby

The rattles are useful for stimulating your baby’s brain to comprehend colors, shapes, and designs. It also comes with a coin bank, which you can use to save money for your baby’s future! Now that’s unmatched functionality!

Wishland 9pcs Baby Rattles Christmas Gift Set Baby’s First Teether Toy with Giant Baby Bottle Coin Bank

SKK Baby 4 Animal Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Socks Set

Want your baby to discover his or her hands and feet? This unique gift set can help you achieve that!

Wrapping babies’ wrist with the wrist wrap and putting the socks on babies’ feet will make them notice the rattle sounds!

This will likely make them curious so they would end up reaching towards the sounds and grabbing their feet. In effect, they are able to discover these particular body parts! Talk about fun and function rolled into one!

SKK Baby 4 Animal Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Socks Set

Tip 5

Buy toys that come in sets. We follow this simple logic when buying toys. If they come in sets, they can be shared with others. An example of this is the toy below.

Three toys in one set?! That’s exciting news for you and your baby!

This set has a trumpet, a drum, and a harp music toy. They’re small, but they’re great stocking stuffers. The harm and the drum play melodies that could lull your baby to sleep.

The harp along with the trumpet has a play-along function too! The drum lights up too! Sounds fun, right?

We Offer What You Want Musical Instruments for Babies

There you have it, our top toy choices! So are you ready to go shopping now? Let us hear that resounding YES! Go and get that shopping list done. Find the best Christmas toys for babies!

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