Christmas Crafts for Babies

Christmas crafts are so much fun that kids and adults of all ages enjoy them.

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to get creative and busy with your little one. Christmas crafts are boredom busters and some crafts don’t take a lot of time to create. You can take pictures of your baby with Christmas crafts and save the moments forever. For the years to come, you’ll live through these pictures.

During the holiday season, everyone will be home and spending time with the family. You can paint, make ornaments or decorate the house. Any most-awaited tasks and activities that you didn’t have the time to do can be done during the Christmas holidays. Order all the materials, you’ll need before the holidays and get ready to have loads of fun creating beautiful Christmas crafts during the holiday season.

Here is a list of easy and fun Christmas crafts that you can create for your baby or toddler:


1. Gingerbread Man Ornaments

Gingerbread ornaments give Christmas vibes and can be hung on the Christmas tree, or anywhere in the house. Your little one can play with the gingerbread man under your supervision too. There are numerous ways to make gingerbread man ornaments but the easiest ones are felt and parchment paper gingerbread men.

Get some parchment paper or brown felt and cut it in the shape of a gingerbread man. And decorate with googly eyes, sew a face or design as you like with colored markers.

gingerbread man christmas ornament

2. Christmas Tree Cards

Christmas tree cards are a great way to express your feelings. Only the parents know, how great it felt to write Christmas cards as kids too loved ones. Make your own Christmas cards by painting Christmas trees and gingerbread men on a folded piece of chart paper. Be a little creative and use felt colored papers, and paint.

Your little one will adore this Christmas card years later. Write your feelings and everything you want your baby to know. They’ll appreciate it when they grow up.

christmas tree card making

3. Christmas Photo Tree

A Christmas photo tree can be hung on the wall and will remind you of Christmas. Take plenty of photos of your bundle of joy on Christmas with your family. You can get an Instax camera before Christmas to get the photos instantly. Get a strong stick and some fishnet to hang the pictures on the horizontal stick.

You can also add some string lights to the photo tree.

christmas photo tree

4. Make a Christmas Wreath

Wreaths beautify your house and can be hung all year long. If you haven’t bought a Christmas wreath, you can create your own at home with your little one. Get all the supplies you need beforehand. You’ll need an embroidery hoop, yarn, fake leaves or flowers, Christmas decorations, red ribbon, and other supplies.

Look at what everyone else is buying and hanging on their doors. Come up with a similar but unique and personalized idea for your Christmas wreath. Don’t forget to click a picture of it with your baby.

hanging christmas wreath

5. DIY Edible Christmas Slime

Playing with slime is so satisfying for children and adults alike. To help your baby explore all the senses, make some DIY edible slime. You can make some colorful slime at home using cornstarch and let your baby have loads of fun. Research has suggested that playing with slime activates all 5 senses in children so grab a pan and make some DIY Edible Christmas slime for your little one.

DIY edible christmas slime

6. Gingerbread Christmas Gift Bags from Paper

Forgiving gifts on Christmas, we have all had trouble finding a nice bag. Gift bags can be expensive and you may not be able to find a gift bag that you like. Fortunately, you can create your own DIY Christmas gift bags using parchment paper at home.

Grab some parchment paper or any paper of your size, and other craft supplies. When the gift bag is ready, paste a gingerbread man on the front to add the Christmas feel.

gingerbread man paperbag making

7. Christmas Flower Vase

You can either make a Christmas vase or a Christmas jar. To make a Christmas jar; you find a glass jar, colorful Christmas decorations (red, silver, golden, and green colored), and some string lights. Add the layers of decorations and string lights inside the glass jar.

For making a Christmas vase, you need red and white flowers, some baby’s breath, or any other cliche filler. Tie them with a ribbon and place them in a vase. If you don’t have a vase, you can make your own by wrapping some jute onto a large pringles can. Add some pebbles inside the Pringles can and put your flowers inside.

christmas flower vase

8. Christmas Pom Poms

Babies and toddlers love pom poms. They’ll love to play with the pom-poms and throw around the house. You can make a yarn pompom or crepe paper pompom for your baby to play with.

It can be made within 5 to 10 minutes and keep your baby busy for days. You can make yarn pom-poms in more than one Christmas color and place them on your couch. They give a very cozy feeling and are perfect for adding layers of comfort to the couch.

christmas pompom balls

9. Winter Mittens Craft Hanging Toy Crib

You can make colorful winter mittens, Santa, Gingerbread man, and socks crafts from felt or chart paper. Then use fish wire to hang them on an embroidery hoop. This embroidery hoop can be hung in place of your baby’s old hanging toy crib. So your baby now has a winter or Christmas toy crib.


10. Christmas Wrapping Stocking

To surprise your baby or toddlers on Christmas, you can stuff their stockings with small gifts.

You can add anything that is small and your baby will love, such as gourmet truffles, magnetic toys, small baby Yoda, small felt toys, and stuffed toys.

christmas wrapping stockings

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