The Best Father’s Day Gifts for New Dads

The first Father’s Day will always be the most special.

That means finding Father’s Day gifts for new dads deserves a little extra time and attention.

Your partner is finally a father and enjoying every minute. Commemorate the occasion with a memorable and meaningful gift he will truly cherish. We’ll give you a few ideas for the best, and most adorable, Father’s Day gifts for new dads.

  • Picture of Dad and Baby

Since your baby will only be small once, a picture of a new dad and a fairly new baby may move him to tears. Pick a candid photo of the two of them hanging out, or even sleeping, and frame it as your gift. This picture will always serve as a reminder of the first time he was able to celebrate being a father.

  • Photoshoot of Baby
father's day gifts for new dads baby holding sign

Depending on how old and mobile your baby is during the first Father’s Day, this can be really easy and cute, or more difficult but still really cute. Pick out a cute outfit and maybe a theme that’s fitting for daddy’s personality and snap away. Any picture will be appreciated, but a special photo will always be adored as one of the best Father’s Day gifts for new dads.

Getting a handprint or footprint of your baby will forever immortalize the size of your child that first Father’s Day. You can do it on a piece of paper or on a rock. You can make a special picture with the prints or write a poem to go along with it.  A simple handprint, footprint, or both, makes a wonderful gift and creates a great memory.

  • Mug

father's day gifts for new dads monkey mug

father's day gifts for new dads star wars mug

What dad doesn’t have a dad-themed mug? It is a right of passage for any dad.  These are found everywhere, in stores and online. There are so many different themes from sports to cars to movies and music. You will find one for your partner and he definitely needs one. Sure, he may not always use it, but it will have a special place in your cabinet…and his heart.

  • Special Outing

Use the day to do something special. Take your first trip to the zoo or aquarium. Go see a sports game. Go for a walk or hike. Do something that the new dad will love to do with his new baby. Take pictures too so you can always look back at how special the first Father’s Day was to you both.

  • Get Something He Truly Wants

This is really a day to celebrate dad and all the love he shares with his family. So get the first time dad in your life something he will truly enjoy. Maybe it’s a new tablet, his favorite DVD, or an appreciative gesture of cooking him his favorite meal. Whatever it is, he will enjoy the extra attention and the extra gift.

First-time fathers will never forget their first Father’s Day. Make it memorable by giving a wonderful gift and making the day special for him. Father’s Day gifts for new dads don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Gifts from the heart are always the ones that mean the most. Start the tradition early, and always give your significant other a gift he will treasure, whether it be a special memento or a special day just for him.


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